• Steven Barnett, M.M. Ed.

  • Director of Athletic Bands
  • (731) 881-1852
    127 Fine Arts
Steven Barnett
  • Steven Darling, D.M.A.

  • Assistant Professor of Music
    Tuba and Euphonium
  • (731) 881-7401
    225 Fine Arts
Steven Darling
Lizzie Emmons
Dr. Joseph Frye
Dr. Kurt Gorman
  • Logan Hays

  • Department of Music Graduate Assistant
    Fine Arts Building
Logan Hays
  • Chan Mi Jean, D.M.A

  • Lecturer of Music
    Collaborative Piano
  • (731) 881-7409
    232 Fine Arts
Chan Mi Jean, D.M.A
Dr. Shane Jones
Chelsea Jones
  • Michael Mathenia

  • Adjunct Instructor
    Theory, Composition, and Strings
  • (731) 881-7402
    108 Fine Arts
Michael Mathenia
Douglas Owens
  • Tammy Owensby

  • Financial Assistant
  • (731) 881-7410
    Fine Arts Building
Tammy Owensby

Advising/Audition Forms

Bachelor of Arts in Music - MUS 440 Senior Project

Event Booking Forms

Book the Blankenship Recital Hall

  • Faculty must first submit a request via the above link for public events.
  • Faculty must submit requests for student events on their behalf.
  • Once approved by Sherry Adams, you will be notified by e-mail and the event goes on the public calendar.


Click a heading below to expand/collapse information.

What is automatically included in my scheduled calendar event?

  • Tech Crew
    • Audio/video recording in Fine Arts
    • Facebook high def stream on UTM Music Page in Blankenship
      • Other venues in Fine Arts have unreliable wifi connections, so a stream can not be guaranteed. However, video will still be recorded and access to this footage can be provided.
      • Streaming equipment can be checked out via the Paul Meek Library for performances outside of Blankenship
    • Programs
      • 2 TV’s for program projection
      • Supervising faculty member is responsible for uploading program in the required template found here.
        • Upload via Web Request.
        • Electronic or print programs are required for degree recitals
        • Print programs are not provided by the department
    • Standard pre-set for performance lighting
  • Phi Mu Alpha
    • Audience chairs set-up/tear-down
    • Stage hands
      • Performer chairs and stands
      • Page turner
      • Curtain adjustments
  • Sigma Alpha Iota
    • Ushering

What do I do if I have additional requests?

  • Student/faculty member is responsible for additional needs beyond what is outlined above including:
    • Accompanist Request Form
    • Tech Needs from Booth
      • Audio/video playback, public address microphone, etc.
      • Contact Micah Barnes; mbarne33@utm.edu
    • Paper Programs
    • Photography
      • Photos are no longer provided by the department.
      • Photography requests can be made via University Relations.

Special Request Forms

Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Music is to cultivate excellence in musical education, performance, and the liberal arts. The department works to support and enhance the cultural and intellectual diversity of the community, while also serving as model performers, educators, and scholars.

Departmental Assessment Calendar

Fall Semester

  • August Back-to-School Retreat: Review data from spring and summer semesters
  • End of September: Curricular Requests for following year must be finished and ready for submission
  • End of each semester: All course assessment reports need to be submitted to the assessment coordinator through email, or through the online form.

Spring Semester

  • January Back-to-School Meeting: Review data from fall semester
  • Last dept. meeting of year: Review SLOs, Rubrics, and Benchmarks. Assess if they are serving our students and if we will continue to use each one as is, adjust/modify as needed, or completely replace.
  • End of each semester: All course assessment reports need to be submitted to the assessment coordinator through email, or through the online form.

Department Assessment Guidebook

View the department assessment guidebook here.

Student Learning Outcomes - Music majors are expected to:

Perform Music

The student will perform music with accuracy and facility, interpreting it with expression, style and artistry.

Analyze Music

The student will analyze music and musical forms, both visually and aurally.

Create Music

The student will create music, accurately combining existing musical elements with innovative ideas and techniques to create an original musical idea or work.

Connect Cultural and Historical Aspects of Music

The student will employ musical terms, genres, styles, and concepts while connecting historical and cultural aspects of music.

Explain Concepts

The student will explain concepts clearly, coherently and decisively, displaying extensive content knowledge and giving appropriate and well-timed feedback.

General Education Assessment Reporting Forms

Music Course Assessment Reporting Forms