Transfer Students

This pathway is designed for students transferring to UTM who have taken some form of lower division music courses at a different institution. Students who transfer in with less than two years and/or have not taken the necessary music courses to be considered for transfer credit, will need to start at the entry level of those proper course sequences to fill in any gaps in their foundational music coursework.

A transfer student will need to demonstrate competency in the lower division courses that establish the foundation for our music degrees and represent the majority of music classes during the first two years. Therefore, they will need to take the following entrance exams (NOTE: This pathway will only assess students based on the first two years of our degree sequence in conjunction with the transfer credits that the student brings. It will not assess students to test out of upper division coursework. Successful completion of all of these exams would allow a student to begin their study here as a junior-level music major.):

  • Music Theory/Aural Skills Entrance Exams: This test will be a graduated test. It will include material from all four semesters of Music Theory in increasing order. A student will need to complete each representative section to successfully test out of that level of music theory. The Aural Skills portion will assess the student’s level of sight singing and musical dictation in the same way.

  • Music History Entrance Exam: This test will be in two parts representing each class of music history (Ancient Greece-Baroque & Classical-Modern Day)

  • Piano Class Entrance Exam: The current Piano Class diagnostic exam will be used to determine how much, if any, of the piano classes will be waived.

  • Entrance Audition: The entry audition will allow the faculty in that particular instrumental area to determine the proper skill level of the student and what at what level of applied lessons they are able to begin and further. The audition, combined with actual ensemble credits transferred in, will also be used to determine how many, if any, lower-division ensembles may be waived.

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