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Music Education at UT Martin starts on Day 1 and prepares future music teachers from a vast array of backgrounds to foster inclusive learning environments in which every student plays a meaningful role within the music class. Music Education Majors at UTM take Music Ed classes in their first year and are expertly trained to incorporate creativity into the classroom, to spark the curiosity of young learners, and to foster in students an identity as a musician. Our graduates exhibit a passion for teaching music to all learners and boast an engaging and energetic teaching style.




Here at UTM, we know that EXPERIENCE is the key to future success, so our entire curriculum focuses on an immersive educational environment in which student-led teaching is at the heart of every music education course. Even during the first year at UTM, students will already rack up at least 10 hours of field experience. UTM students start off observing expert teachers in the field and transition to actively teaching students of all ages.




There are about 100 REASONS to choose UT Martin Music Education, but perhaps one of the best reasons is our stellar job placement rate. UTM Music Education boasts a nearly 100% job placement rate for graduating majors and a phenomenal teacher effectiveness rating within Tennessee public schools. UTM Music Education alumni are well recognized locally as well as nationally and continue to send their own students to study here at UT Martin!


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