Examples of Appropriate Repertoire for Respective Levels

Lower Division Repertoire (First Year & Sophomore)

Snare Drum (rudimental):

  • 14 Modern Contest Solos for Snare Drum, John Pratt
  • 150 Rudimental Solos, Charlie Wilcoxon
  • Wilcoxon’s Snare Drum Solos
  • Mitchell’s Drum Solos, Harland Mitchell
  • Jazz Chops, Charles Perry
  • Double Cappuccino, Mitchell Peters
  • The Downfall of Paris, Traditional
  • Dixie, Traditional
  • The Three Camps, Traditional
  • The Charger, Arthur Cappi
  • Rudiments Rule, John Wooten

Snare Drum (orchestral):

  • Contemporary Album for the Snare Drum, Stanley Leonard
  • Recital Solos for Snare Drum, Garwood Whale
  • Recital Suite, Guy Gauthreaux
  • Recital Suite for Solo Snare Drum, William Shinstine
  • Six Unaccompanied Solos for the Snare Drum, Michael Colgrass
  • Suite for Solo Snare Drum, Michael LaRosa
  • Three Dances, Warren Benson

Xylophone (2 mallets):

  • Funny Mallets: Xylophone, Nebojsa Zivkovic
  • Tambourin Chinois, Fritz Kreisler (xylophone)
  • Intermezzo from Sonata for Xylophone solo, Thomas Pitfield
  • Funny Mallets: Xylophone, Nebojsa Zivkovic
  • Sabre Dance, Aram Khachaturian arr. Moore

Marimba (2 mallets):

  • Funny Mallets: Marimba, Nebojsa Zivkovic
  • Sonatas and Partitas, J.S. Bach
  • The Entertainer, Scott Joplin
  • Bit O’ Rhythm, Harry Breuer
  • Prism, Keiko Abe
  • Furioso and Valse in d minor, Earl Hatch
  • Danza Furioso, Jonathan Ovalle
  • Xylophone Rags, George Hamilton Green
  • Percussion Keyboard Technique, Thomas McMillan
  • Masterworks for Marimba, Beth Gotlieb

Marimba (4­mallets):

  • Rotations, Eric Sammut
  • Echoes, Kevin Bobo
  • Six Suites for Cello, J.S. Bach
  • With Sunshine on His Face, Ben Wahlund
  • A Cricket Sang and Set the Sun, Blake Tyson
  • Ghanaia, Mattias Schmidt
  • Tune for Mary O, Rich O’Meara
  • Restless, Rick O’Meara
  • Works for Marimba, Keiko Abe
  • Frogs, Keiko Abe
  • Virginia Tate, Paul Smadbeck
  • Rhythm Song, Paul Smadbeck
  • Etudes 1­3, Paul Smadbeck
  • Introduction from Sonata for Xylophone, Thomas Pitfield (3­mallets)
  • Etudes Nos. 8-10, Clair Omar Musser
  • Yorkshire Ballad, James Barnes
  • Funny Mallets: Marimba Book 1 and 2, Nebojsa Zivkovic
  • Suite Popular Brasileira, Ney Rosauro
  • Almost Calypso, Dan Moore
  • Three Chorales, Evelyn Glennie


  • Musical Studies for the Intermediate Timpanist, Garwood Whaley (2-4)
  • The Solo Timpanist, Vic Firth (2-4)
  • Scherzo For Three Timpani, Mitchell Peters (3)
  • Seven Solo Dances, George Frock (4)
  • Ballade for the Dance, Saul Goodman
  • Blue Hammers, James Campbell
  • Variations for King George, William Kraft
  • Suite for Timpani, David Mancini
  • The Storm, Mitchell Peters
  • Recital Solos for Timpani, Salvatore Rabbio

Multiple Percussion:

  • Conversation, Dean Witten
  • Variations for four tom­toms, Ney Rosauro
  • French Suite, William Kraft
  • English Suite, William Kraft
  • Latin Journey, David Mancini
  • Tork, James Campbell
  • Engine Room, James Campbell
  • Carribean Drummer, Burns and Feldstein
  • Pulsation, Burns and Feldstein
  • 20 Down, Burns and Feldstein
  • Ternary, Burns and Feldstein


  • Groove Essentials I and II, Tommy Igoe
  • Drumset Etudes, Dan Lauby
  • Duos and Trios, Cristiano Galvao

World Percussion:

  • Conga Cookbook, Pancho Sanchez
  • Conga Drummers Guidebook, Michael Spiro
  • Essence of Afro Cuban Percussion and Drumset, Ed Uribe
  • Essence of Brazilian Percussion and Drumset, Ed Uribe
  • Riq Instruction, Yousif Sheronick

Upper Division Repertoire (Junior & Senior)

Snare Drum:

  • Portfolio for Snare Drum, Nexus
  • Pezzo da Concerto, Zivkovic
  • Advanced Studies for Snare Drum, Keith Aleo
  • Three Symphonic Dances for Solo Snare Drum, James Campbell
  • Stamina, Mitch Markovitch
  • 12 Etudes for Snare Drum, Jacques Delecluse
  • 9 French­American Rudimental Solos, Joseph Tompkins
  • The Noble Snare vol. 1-4, various


  • Three Moves, Paul Lansky
  • See Ya Thursday, Steven Mackey
  • Reflections on Nature of Water, Jacob Druckman
  • Marimba Spiritual, Minoru Miki
  • Three Shells, Christopher Deane
  • Concertino for Marimba and Orchestra, Jorge Sarmientos
  • Paganini Personal, Toshi Ichiyanagi
  • Prism Rhapsody, Keiko Abe
  • Rimbasly, Daniel McCarthy
  • Ultimatum 1, Nebosja Zivkovic
  • Itsuki Fantasy for Six Mallets, Keiko Abe
  • After Syrinx II, Richard Rodney Bennett
  • The Process of Invention, Christopher Deane
  • Merlin, Andrew Thomas
  • Velocities, Joseph Schwanter
  • Dances of Earth and Fire, Peter Klatzow
  • Marimba D’Amore, Keiko Abe
  • Marimba Etude No. 1, Gordon Stout
  • Memories of the Seashore, Keiko Abe
  • October Night, Michael Burritt
  • Michi, Keiko Abe
  • Dream of the Cherry Blossoms, Keiko Abe
  • Two Mexican Dances, Gordon Stout
  • Etude for a Quiet Hall, Christopher Deane
  • Four Movements for Marimba, Michael Burritt
  • Footpath, Dave Samuels
  • Drei Phanastische Lieder, Nebojsa Zivkovic
  • Altered Echoes, Lynn Glassock


  • Interzones by Bruce Hamilton
  • Mourning Dove Sonnet, Christopher Deane
  • Suomineito, Nebojsa Zivkovic
  • Blues for Gilbert, Mark Glentworth
  • Theme from Polovetsian Dances, A. Borodin
  • Funny Mallets: Vibraphone, Nebojsa Zivkovic
  • Mirror from Another, David Friedman
  • Reflections, J.C. Combs
  • Wallflower, Snowbird, Carillon, Gary Gibson
  • Reflections, Lynn Glassock
  • Trilogy for Vibraphone, Tim Huesgen
  • Ever Inward, David McBride
  • Internal Evidence, Martin Weir
  • Five Miniatures, Astor Piazzolla/arr. Morleo
  • Music of the Day, Bill Molenhof


  • Eight Pieces for Four Timpani, Elliott Carter
  • Animism for Timpani and Tape, Steve Ridley
  • Partita for Solo Timpani, Carlos Chavez
  • Four Pieces for Timpani, John Bergamo
  • Prelude for Four Timpani, Christopher Deane
  • Six Concert Pieces for Solo Timpani, Bill Cahn
  • Tangents, James Campbell
  • Raga Nos. 1 & 2, Bill Cahn

Multiple Percussion:

  • Canned Heat, Ekhard Kopetski
  • Anvil Chorus, David Lang
  • Bell Plates, Scott Lyndroth
  • Cold Pressed, Dave Hollinden
  • Garage Drummer, Jim Campbell
  • Six Ideas, Dave Hollinden
  • Peregrinations, John Alfieri
  • King of Denmark, Feldman
  • Nara, William Cahn
  • Time Fields, William Duckworth
  • Time Mark, Scott Wyatt
  • Microtimbre, Rich O’Donnell
  • Backpacker, Michael Aukofer
  • Busted, Steven Mackey
  • Wicca, Casey Cangelosi
  • Blade, Benjamin Finley
  • Side by Side, Michio Kitazume
  • Rebonds, Iannis Xenakis

Drum Set:

  • Homage to Max, Rande Sanderbeck
  • Monkey Chant, Glenn Kotche
  • Projections of (What) Might, Glenn Kotche
  • Moods for Interaction, Rod Lincoln
  • Concerto for Drum Set and Percussion Ensemble, David Mancini
  • Eleven Miniatures for Drum Set Duo, Jonathan Ovalle
  • Echofunk, Jonathan Ovalle


  • Aka (for steel pan), Andy Akiho
  • Any steel pan solo by Liam Teague
  • Bodhran Dance, B. Michael Williams
  • Another New Riq, B. Michael Williams
  • Four Solos for Frame Drums, B. Michael Williams
  • Recital Suite for Djembe, B. Michael Williams
  • Shaken, Not Stirred, N. Scott Robinson
  • Handful, N. Scott Robinson
  • Il Mano, N. Scott Robinson
  • To The Gods of Rhythm, Nebojsa Zivkovic
  • Styles with Playback, arranged by teacher/student


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