Request to Fill New or Vacant Positions FAQs

What positions require a "full" search?

  1. All faculty positions.
  2. Staff hires of assistant director or above
  3. Exempt positions where the department wants to advertise on other sites or in outside publications as well as the University website.

What types of positions require permission prior to advertising or filling?

All regular and temporary positions whether they are faculty or staff. This includes limited duration staff appointments (LDA's) or limited-term faculty positions (LTA).

Where do I find the Request to Fill form?

On the Human Resources website.

What if I have questions about the form or the process?

Contact the Human Resources Office.

How are exceptions handled?

They will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Contact the Human Resources Office for guidance.

What is a "full search"?

A full search is conducted for ALL faculty and higher level administrative position searches and when an exempt position is advertised other places besides the university website (Taleo).

What constitutes "the packet"?

Include the following forms:

  1. Request to Fill (printed perfect form replaces the former paper Request to Fill form)
  2. Narrative Summary
  3. Request to Make an Offer

What is Taleo?

The program used by UT for posting vacancies to the University website.

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