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UT Martin offers thirteen health science pre-professional plans, designed to prepare students for application to professional school.  Each plan is unique and based on the most common requirements of the professional schools in that field.  Because UT Martin is a baccalaureate degree-granting institution, the plans are aimed at students planning to graduate with a bachelor’s degree and pursue a post-graduate degree (masters or higher).  (In some fields, the entry-level qualification may be a baccalaureate or an associate’s degree; please see the HSPP coordinator for more information.)


Because the requirements for the professional schools vary, the courses listed in the plans are intended only as a guideline and students are strongly encouraged to review the requirements for their school(s) of choice.  Information about the various professional schools and their requirements can be found in the HSPP coordinator’s office.  

The Health Science Pre-Professional Plans

General Information

  • UT Martin does not offer professional degrees in any of the health sciences. 
  • The Pre-Professional Plans are not majors and do not fulfill the requirements for a baccalaureate degree at UT Martin. 
  • The courses listed in the plans are recommendations and are not required for degree completion unless also listed under the student’s chosen major. 
  • Students may choose any major they wish.  Common majors are Biology, Chemistry, and Health and Human Performance.  Courses in business, psychology, and sociology are often helpful.
  • Not all professional programs require a baccalaureate degree; however, students who have earned a baccalaureate degree are often viewed as more competitive than those who have not. 
  • Academic record is very important.  Students should expect to earn well above a 3.0 to be competitive for most programs. 
  • For most fields, applicants are expected to have some knowledge of the field from direct observations as part of their pre-professional experiences.

UT Martin also offers several non-degree health care courses through Extended Campus and Online Studies.  A description of the programs offered is available here.  Please contact Debbie Mount at (731) 881-7082 for more information.

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