Programs Involving Minors

Minors visit campuses in the University of Tennessee system for a variety of reasons and are involved in a variety of programs and activities sponsored by the University or by third parties using University facilities or resources.


The objective of this policy is to promote a safe environment for minors by fostering a University culture that is committed to preventing, recognizing, reporting, and addressing child abuse.


Established in 2014, the University of Tennessee System Safety Policy SAOS75 outlines the requirements that must be met for all university sponsored events. The information on this website is a guide to assist you in maintaining compliance with your camp or program.


If you have any questions regarding events involving minors, please contact the Designated Official, Lt. Chad Worley at 731-881-7776 or


The University relies on every department to ensure compliance requirements are addressed when preparing to host events involving minors. Whether you are a coach, counselor, volunteer, or external agency hosting minors on campus, everyone has the responsibility to protect minors who interact with the UT community.

Designated Official:

Lt. Chad Worley

UT Martin Dept of Public Safety (731)881-7776

Parking Information

All motor vehicles operated (utilized) by faculty, staff and students in connection with their employment or attendance at UT Martin must be registered at the UT Martin Department of Public Safety in Crisp Hall.

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Personal Property Inventory

The UT Martin Dept. of Public Safety would like to remind everyone maintaining an inventory of their personal property can help the appropriate authorities recover the property if it is lost or stolen.

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