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Social Work 340: Social Work Practice I

Social Work 440: Social Work Practice III


Students are expected to have the following educational outcomes:

  1. experience acquaintance and contact with clients;
  2. learn about one segment of the service delivery system in greater detail;
  3. provide a service to the region and to clients (directly or indirectly), and experience the process of giving/helping;
  4. gain greater knowledge of the ethical and practical constraints that affect social service delivery agencies and the persons who work there;
  5. gain a greater appreciation for the knowledge of the strengths, needs, and characteristics of vulnerable individuals / groups / organizations / communities who are clients.


The student is responsible for:

  1. selecting an agency for his/her field experience;
  2. requesting the privilege of working there and having the agency representative sign an agreement to supervise him/her;
  3. complying with the agency's policies, procedures, and standards;
  4. returning the original copy of the agreement to supervise the student to the instructor;
  5. working the minimum amount of time (36 hours);
  6. clarifying for the recipient agency the requisites of the student, i.e., at least 50 percent of the field experience time will be spent in client contact, and that a log of experiences will be kept;
  7. keeping a log of field experience dates, times, activities, thoughts, and learning, and turning that in to the instructor at the designated time;
  8. completing the field experience in a timely fashion, i.e., at the rate of about three hours weekly over the semester.


The agency is responsible for:

  1. supervising the student during field experience;
  2. reporting any problems that may arise, to the instructor,
  3. reporting how the student performed in his/her work at the end of the field experience (or near the end of the semester, depending on which occurs first)
  4. completion of evaluation of student's performance


Perhaps the greatest strength in the Social Work Program is field instruction.

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