J. Houston Gordon Museum

Choosing Exhibits

Exhibits must meet each of five selection criteria:

Schedule  An exhibit must be touring and have a slot that matches an opening on the museum exhibit calendar. Enough lead time to allow time for approvals, contract negotiations, and programming development has to be available. We try to book two exhibits per regular school term and one in the summer, based on exiting bookings and availability dates. Exhibits are typically booked between a year and two years in advance.

Space  We can book an exhibit only if the curatorial data shows that it fits within the gallery space we have available (approximately 400 square feet, or 111 running feet of exhibit space).  Permission to show only part of an exhibit must be granted by an exhibitor in the contract by an exhibitor. It happens only very rarely and in exceptionally compelling circumstances.  The security requirement (number and type of cases, site supervision, electronic security) must be at a level the museum can meet without incurring additional costs. 

Cost  Flat exhibit fees and variable shipping charges must be within the limited budget on which the Museum operates and leave funds for other exhibit commitments; there are lots of great shows out there that we simply cannot afford.

Shipping  Exhibit venues are obligated to care for shipping containers as well as exhibit materials. We must consider exhibits based partly on the requirements for storing the size and number of cases in our limited space.

Germane  We look for exhibits that are interesting, challenging, or downright entertaining. It may be very broadly interpreted, but some element of the exhibit must be relevant to UTM students and the community at large.


J. Houston Gordon Museum
Paul Meek Library
10 Wayne Fisher Dr.
Martin, Tenn. 38238

The gallery is adjacent to the Corbitt Special Collections reading area, to the left of the library circulation desk.

Museum Hours: 
Monday - Friday 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. and by special arrangement

Weekdays between 8am and 3pm off-campus visitors’ vehicles require a parking permit, available at no cost from the Circulation Desk staff. Parking is available adjacent to the library after 3pm daily without a permit.

The Museum is handicap accessible.
email link: speccoll@utm.edu
phone number: 731-881-7464