Ore Springs, Tennessee

Some excerpts were taken from "Weakley County" by Virginia C. Vaughan (1983)

Ore Springs was ordinally settled by William and Elizabeth Ore about the late 1820's or 1830's. West of their homestead was a large spring which supplied an abundance of water. This water source eventually became known as Ore's Spring and a community gradually grew around it. Stage lines used it as a stopping place for rest, feeding and watering teams of horses and later as a voting place for the surrounding community. By 1856, James A. Ore became the sole owner of the property and is believed to have erected a general store at the site of the spring. In the 1880's, Porter Baughman built a store near the spring where later the post office was established. On May 25, 1917, a devastating tornado struck the small community and destroyed the store. The migration of people from the farms to the larger cities in the early and mid 20th century dwindled the population to what it is today.

Notable citizens of Ore Springs include: Congressman and chief justice Finis James Garrett

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