External Training Credit

Important Notice: Changes to Additional Training Credit Request Process

Effective July 2017, employees will be able to enter their own external training credit in K@TE, the new learning management system.


Effective August 1, 2017, employees must use the external training credit feature in the learning management system in order to submit additional training credit. You will not have to submit any group training provided through the training office. An EOD (Knoxville) staff member will approve external training credits on a weekly basis. Please allow a week for your external training credit to appear on your transcript.


Printable Instructions: How to input external training credit (PDF)

External Training Credit Guide On How To Input

To add external training credit, start by accessing the learning management system, K@TE.


To enter, visit https://tennessee.csod.com/samldefault.aspx


Your screen should look like the picture below.


K@TE Log In Screen


Type in your UT NetID and password.


Upon entrance, your screen should look like the picture below.


K@TE Entrance Screen


Click the ‘I agree’ button in the pop-up box in the middle.


Navigate to the upper left-hand side of the screen and hover over the ‘Learning’ tab.


When the drop down appears, click the first option, ‘View Your Transcript’.


After clicking this link, the screen you are taken to should look similar to the screenshot below. Some may have training listed, others may have no training listed yet.


K@TE View Transcript Page


Upon finding this page, locate the Options button in the upper right-hand corner, directly across from where your name is listed.


Upon locating the button, click the drop down menu. Your options should appear as pictured below.


K@TE Add External Training Screen


Click ‘Add External Training’.


Your next page view should look like the picture below.


K@TE Adding External Training Screen with Options


Fill out the above form as fully as you can.


You can even submit/attach files such as certificates, forms, pamphlets, etc.


Once you click Submit, you will be taken back to your transcript screen. It will appear as shown below.


K@TE Mark Complete Screen


The ‘Mark Complete’ button will now appear. And the Status will say Registered.


Click the ‘Mark Complete’ button to mark your training as complete.


After doing so, your screen will then look like below.


K@TE Pending Completion Approval Screen


The ‘Mark Complete’ button should now say ‘View Training Details’. The status should now say ‘Pending Completion Approval’.


This means that you have successfully submitted your training for review by our administrator.


Please allow at least one week for approval or denial to occur.


You can check back later, and you will know your training has been viewed depending on the updated status.


When the training is approved, it will appear as seen below.


K@TE Status Approved


It will be under the ‘Completed’ section of your transcript. The status will show Completed, and the completed date is when the administrator approved it.


If training is denied, it will appear like the picture below.


K@TE Training Denied


The status will say ‘Completion Approval Denied’.


Requests are denied for a specific reason, and will include comments in the ‘View Training Details’ section. Once corrected, you can request another completion approval.


For any further questions, please feel free to call Emily Weaver at 865-974-6657, or email at eweaver8@utk.edu.


110 Gooch Hall

Martin, TN 38238


(731) 881-7940