Student Awards

The Women's Center awards two student awards each year. The first award is the Women's Center Outstanding Student for the female student with a GPA of at least 3.0 and strong record of service to the Women's Center. The second is the Women's Center Outstanding Service Award. This award goes to a student who has the strongest record of volunteering for the Women's Center and for other programs that deal with women's issues.


Women's Center


Oct. 29

Women of the Civil Rights Movement: Focus on the Rev. Dr. Prathia Hall
6:00 PM

Nov. 08

AAUW: "Frances Reed Elliott: Life in World War I" Dr. Alice Catherine Carls
6:00 PM

Nov. 08

Pizza and a Play
6:00 PM

Nov. 13

Women's Center Speaker Series: Mental Health
12:15 PM

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