Women's Studies Minor

Women's Studies MinorThe University of Tennessee at Martin Women's Center supports the Women's Studies minor and students enrolling in women's studies courses. If you are interested in the Women's Studies Minor, please contact Dr. Teresa Collard at womenscenter@utm.edu.

Women's Studies is an interdisciplinary field of scholarship, focused on the study of women and gender across different time periods and social settings. Students in the women's studies minor have an opportunity to explore how different disciplines contribute to our understanding of women's lives, women's contributions to society, the nature of gender and gender in human interaction.

An important aspect of women's studies is a critical approach to knowledge; students are encouraged to question what might otherwise be taken for granted. Our courses challenge gender stereotypes and biases in research, examine the consequences of discrimination against women and address issues of diversity among women. We offer a new way to think about history, arts, social relationships and science. Women's studies courses highlight the importance of understanding gender, race/ethnicity, class and other important social characteristics.

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