Women's and Gender Studies Minor

Women's Studies Minor

The University of Tennessee at Martin Women's Center supports the Women's and Gender Studies minor and students enrolled in women's and gender studies courses.


Women’s and Gender Studies is an interdisciplinary field of scholarship, focused on the intersectional study of women and gender globally and historically.


Students in the Women’s and Gender Studies minor will examine the social construction of gender through sexuality, gender identification, gender expression, race, ethnicity, nationality, ability, age, class, and religion. They will use this knowledge to study the impact of gendered practices on culture, society, and politics with the goal of becoming responsible global citizens who promote diversity and equality.


We welcome students of all backgrounds, sexuality, gender identifications and expressions, abilities, ages, and religions to participate in our course offerings and contribute to the learning experience of all involved.


Women’s and Gender Studies minors are expected to:

  • Analyze issues of gender and sexuality in an intersectional context
  • Examine women’s roles globally and historically
  • Use interdisciplinary methods to analyze women and gender
  • Apply knowledge and skills through internships, service, and research.


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