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Women's Student AllianceThe Women's Student Alliance (WSA) at The University of Tennessee at Martin is dedicated to enhancing academic experiences while empowering students through the development and promotion of education and social initiatives. To fulfill the mission, the WSA works in tandem with the UTM Women's Center to provide students, faculty, staff, and the surrounding community with information, services, and programs that address issues of particular concern to women- while exploring gender, race, sexual orientation, culture, religion, political views, economic status, and other significant elements in relation to women's uniqueness and collective identity. The WSA plays an essential role in representing student interests at the UTM Women's Center.

The faculty advisor for Women's Student Alliance: Julie Hill and Chrissie Segars

If you are a current student, check out the WSA Org Sync page.


Mar. 26

Anne Blaschke
6:00 PM

Apr. 09

Lunchtime Speaker: TBA
12:15 PM

Apr. 11

Hunting Ground
6:00 PM

Apr. 16

Bingo: Sexual Assault Awareness
6:00 PM

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Women's Student Association

The Women's Student Association (WSA) is dedicated to enhancing academic experiences while empowering students

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