• WestStar's Class of 2020


  • WestStar's Class of 2020

Leadership Program

WestStar begins recruiting September 1, 2021 for the Class of 2022.


The WestStar mission is to identify, encourage and equip community-minded people who want to become more involved, who want to help West Tennessee become a better place, and who are willing to accept assertive and dynamic leadership roles.


Participants learn new leadership skills and develop strategies for assisting communities in solving problems and maximizing potential. Participants also become part of a growing network of other leaders who through mutual support and assistance shape the future of West Tennessee. WestStar is committed to advancing the regional and global community through outreach and community/public service endeavors.


WestStar will be the premier leadership program in the U.S. that establishes an elite group of people bonded by their commitment to realizing the educational, economic and social development of West Tennessee .