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Most college students aspire to begin actively pursuing their dream careers after graduation, but John Sellers is not your average college student. With his family deeply connected in Nepal and with his passion for reaching out to those in need, Sellers is already in the process of putting his dream into action.


Sellers says, “I want to start a nonprofit organization that starts children’s homes in Nepal and hopefully all throughout Asia.” And this year, Sellers began to develop his plan to start Letters in Motion, a mission project to inform others of the need for children’s homes in other countries.


“In June 2015, I’m taking a group of ten UT Martin students to Nepal for a three-week trip,” Sellers explains. “We’re going to spend our time helping missionaries that are there in whatever way we can. We’re also going to spend our time in orphanages just teaching the kids, spending time with them, encouraging them and showing them that people love them.”


Nepal is not a random choice for a mission, but a country in which Sellers and his family are deeply connected. It began when Sellers’ aunt and uncle started an orphanage in a small church in Nepal. His aunt was diagnosed with typhoid fever and she, her husband and their five children were flown back to the US for treatment. Upon their return to Nepal, they were killed in a tragic plane crash.


To keep his family’s tradition alive, Sellers’ grandparents picked up his aunt and uncle’s work in Nepal and twenty years later, that one orphanage expanded. The church grew to house over 500 people and later opened several other churches that began to function independently. After his grandparents passed away, Sellers’ father brought John and his siblings to Nepal. It was upon seeing his family’s mission and the needs of those in Nepal, that Sellers began his interests in photography and videography.


Sellers believes that providing visuals of what he sees in person in Nepal will help show others his cause. Letters in Motion goes beyond the one mission trip experience. Sellers encourages anyone to reach out to the orphaned children by writing a letter to encourage them and show the children what love looks like. For more information about Sellers’ mission visit


Sellers is also thankful for the help he’s received from UT Martin. He said, “Going to UTM, being able to be in a smaller classroom where I’m able to really talk to my teachers, and, beyond class, being able to get advice from them and be counseled about going on this trip and starting this nonprofit has helped me tremendously. I don’t know how developed any of these ideas would be without going to UT Martin.”


He continued, “UTM is the best place for me to be. It has made this dream that I have more of a reality. It’s made it possible. And now I’m even more inspired and more passionate about this trip and I believe in it, and there are so many other people who believe in it with me.”

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