Configuring Windows Mail (Vista) for IMAP

Configuring Windows Mail (Vista) for IMAP


To set up your Windows Mail client to work with Gmail, just follow these steps:

1.�Enable IMAP�in Gmail.
2. Open Windows Mail. The wizard pops up if it's your first time using it; otherwise, simply click�Tools > Accounts > Add.
3. Enter your name, then click�Next.
4. Enter your complete Gmail address, and click�Next. Enter your address in the format�
5. Choose�IMAP�in the incoming mail server type drop-down, and check 'Outgoing server requires authentication'; click�Next.
6. Enter your full email address and password, and click�Next.
7. Click through (the checkbox is optional), then click�Finish.
8. Select�Tools > Accounts > IMAP�account, then select�Properties > Advanced.

  • Enter 465 in Outgoing mail (SMTP)
  • Enter 993 in Incoming mail (IMAP)
  • Check both secure connection boxes, and click�Apply.
  • Click�Close.

9. Check our recommended client settings, and adjust your client's settings as needed.

You're done!