Configuring Thunderbird 2.0 for POP

Configuring Thunderbird 2.0 for POP


To configure Thunderbird 2.0 for your Google Apps email address:

1.�Enable POP�in your email acount. Don't forget to click�Save Changes�when you're done.
2. Open Thunderbird.
3. Click the�Tools�menu, and select�Account Settings...
4. Click the�Add Account...�button to launch Account Wizard.
5 Select�Email account�and click�Next.
6. Fill in the necessary fields to include the following information:

Your Name:�Enter your name as you would like it to appear in the From: field of outgoing messages.
Email Address:�Enter your full email address in the format ''

7. Select�POP�as the type of incoming server you're using and enter the server information as follows, then click�Next

Incoming Server:��
Outgoing Server:�

8. Enter your full email address in the format '' in both the�Incoming User Name:�and�Outgoing User Name:�fields, then click�Next.
9. Name your account in the�Account Name:�field, if desired. Click�Next, then click�Finish.
10. On the�Server Settings�tab in the�Account Settings�window, do the following:

    • Change the�Port:�to '995'
    • Under�Use secure connection:, select SSL
    • Verify that the box next to�Leave messages on server�is unchecked, then click�OK.

Congratulations! You're done configuring your client to send and retrieve Google Apps email messages.