Career Planning & Development Internship Scholarship

University of Tennessee at Martin students are invited to apply for a one-time stipend of up to $1,000 to pursue an unpaid internship or to aid in transportation or relocation expenses related to an internship experience.


Deadlines are established for internships occurring for each semester. Applying early will allow you an opportunity to receive feedback, edit, and resubmit your application prior to the deadline.

Summer Internship

  • Submit by first Friday of April

Fall Internship

  • Submit by first Friday of August

Spring Internship

  • Submit by first Friday of November

Application Information

To help you better prepare your application, please consider the following:

  • Major/Career Relevance: We are evaluating applications for internships that align with academic and career goals.
  • Explanation of Experience Choice: The internship may be to help you further develop skills or it may be to help you narrow career choices. Regardless, you should communicate what your goals are and how the experience aligns with those.
  • Evidence of Learning Outcomes: Communicate what projects, tasks, skill development are expected to occur in the experience.
  • Academic Standing: You must be in good academic standing. Preference is given to those who have not previously received a scholarship.
  • Enrollment: You must be enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate degree at UT Martin, and you must have at least one semester remaining in your degree program.
  • Confirmation: You must email confirmation of internship from faculty member or internship site supervisor

The application process involves submitting an online application and resume by the established deadlines. Access the online application here.


CPAD staff are happy to help students with resume development. Tips and samples are located here. Call 731.881.7712 to schedule an appointment or submit your resume draft to for feedback within two business days.


If your internship is over 5 miles from where you currently live, you are not relocating and will be commuting, and you need a scholarship to supplement your gas money, we have standard award amounts. Documentation of your residential address and internship address is required.


5 – 10 miles: $200

10 – 24 miles: $400

25 – 39 miles: $600

40 – 59 miles: $800

over 60 miles: $1000


Contact Katie Mantooth at or 731.881.3716 with any questions.

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