Edwards, Taylor receive Outstanding Employee Awards

Beth Edwards and Pat Taylor, both of Martin, received Fall 2019 Outstanding Employee Awards from the University of Tennessee at Martin during a breakfast reception Oct. 31.

Edwards is the coordinator of UT Martin’s interdisciplinary studies program and works with the students in that major to make sure they are meeting graduation requirements. She reviews graduation applications from the main campus and all five UT Martin centers and provides service to both current and prospective students as they build a degree program suited to their future careers. The program currently serves 353 students, with 112 of those added within the last year.

“She continually develops and fosters relationships with faculty and students and consistently receives high evaluations from her advisees,” coworkers wrote in Edwards’ nomination package. “Others across the UT System refer coworkers to our BIS program due to Beth’s outstanding work and representation of the program. Her patience and warmheartedness in working with students convey that we are still the campus that cares.”

Edwards completed both her BIS and MBA degrees at UT Martin and personally understands the balance non-traditional students must find between school, work and family life.

Taylor is the administrative assistant for the UT Martin Department of Nursing, and she maintains all records and applications for students in the nursing program in addition to her administrative duties. The program requires an extensive application process – including testing records, drug screening, background checks, immunization records and other documentation – and Taylor manages these files for each student.

“She works tirelessly to ensure all admitted students have everything in order to begin a successful semester. … She often contacts students individually to ensure the application process is completed on time,” wrote her coworkers in her nomination letter. “She models the professionalism we expect from our nursing students.”

UT Martin Outstanding Employee Awards are given to one exempt and one non-exempt employee each semester. Recipients are nominated by their coworkers and chosen by a selection committee.

For more information, contact the UT Martin Office of University Relations at 731-881-7615.