Students in the Department of Computer Science are not required to complete an internship to graduate. However, they are strongly encouraged to gain experience in their chosen field before graduation. Internships in computer science and information technology provide interested students with valuable real-world experience in software development, testing and research labs. Students who pursue internships also have the opportunity to network with industry contacts and prospective employers.

Students interested in completing an internship at one of these or another company should consult with their department adviser and arrange to enroll in CSCI 480 – Internship in Computer Science before beginning the internship. Positions may be taken at any company – local, regional or beyond – but should remain true to the student’s concentration and fulfill course requirements as determined by the student’s adviser and the Department of Computer Science.

The links below provide access to the internship pages of several corporations. Please explore these links to find specific information on GPA requirements, application materials and contacts for each position.