What is No Show Reporting?

It is a mandatory report for compliance of federal regulation associated with our eligibility to award and disburse federal financial.

Who is required to do No Show reporting?

All faculty/instructors.

Why is No Show reporting required?
  1. Only attending students are eligible to receive financial aid. Their financial aid may have to be adjusted to remain in compliance
  2. Students with Stafford loans must remain in a minimum of 6 credit hours for their loans to remain in deferment
  3. Assures accurate rosters
  4. Allows us to accurately report student enrollment to the Department of Education
When must No Show reporting be completed?

The report should be completed by the end of the first week of classes. An email reminder will be sent each time a No Show Report needs to be completed.

How do I complete my No Show report?

Follow the instructions here to complete your No Show report in Banner.

Technical information for No show reporting
  • Recommended browsers are Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer (IE)
  • If using IE, you may need to enable compatibility view
  • Enable pop-ups in your browser if you have problems completing the report