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Welcome to the Tennessee Governor's School for the Humanities on the Web!

A four-week summer program built on the School’s rich tradition as Tennessee's first Governor's School, the Governor's School for the Humanities offers rising high school juniors and seniors an opportunity to earn three semester credit hours from UT Martin. GSH celebrates the expression of who we are, what we believe, how we know what we know, where we’ve been as a society, and the power of originality and ideas in creating shared communities.

Required Documents

Once accepted into the program, all Scholars receive a packet of information and forms that require immediate attention. Those forms must be completed and returned to our office as listed on your Post-Acceptance Letter.

Directions to the University of Tennessee at Martin

The University of Tennessee at Martin is located in Martin, Tennessee. It is about 130 miles northeast of Memphis and 150 miles northwest of Nashville. Although there are alternate routes, the easiest routes are generally considered as follows:

Traveling from Memphis/west

Travel east on Interstate 40 to Jackson and Highway 45, exit 80B.   Proceed north on Highway 45 through Jackson until you reach the Highway 45W and 45E split.  Go right towards Milan via 45E.  Continue on Highway 45E to Martin.  While traveling on Highway 45E, you will bypass Medina, travel through Milan, bypass Bradford, travel through Greenfield and bypass Sharon.  Upon arrival into Martin, you will pass Westview High School and the Martin Recreation Complex.  Continue on Highway 45E (now Elm Street), until you reach the Len Haven Motel & Apartments just past Dairy Queen then turn left onto Raven Street. Follow Raven Street past St. Jude Catholic Church and Trinity Presbyterian Church, at which point Raven Street becomes Moody Avenue. Continue on Moody Avenue then turn left onto Hurt Street. Cooper Hall is the first building on your left.

Traveling from Nashville/east

Travel west on Interstate 40 to Parker’s Crossroads, exit 108.  Proceed north on Highway 22.  While traveling on Highway 22, you will bypass Huntingdon, McKenzie, Gleason and Dresden.  Passing Taylor Automotive, keep left to continue toward Highway 431. Continue on Highway 431 until you reach the intersection at the Lawrence D. Bromley Training Center. Turn left onto South Lindell Street. At the first traffic light, turn right onto University Street. Proceed through the second traffic light at First Baptist Church and First Citizens Bank. At the third traffic light, turn left onto Lovelace Avenue. Then, at the intersection in front of Best Wings In Martin, turn right onto Hurt Street. Proceed through the next intersection, and Cooper Hall is the first building on your left.

For GPS purposes only, the street address to Cooper Hall is 206 Hurt Street, Martin, TN 38238.  Cooper Hall’s front desk is 731-881-8900 (24 hours a day) if you need directions while on the road.

Governor's School Check-In and Registration

If you are participating in person, residence hall registration will be held from 9:30 a.m. - 1 p.m. in the lobby of Cooper Hall on Sunday, June 2, 2023. Your counselor will be waiting to greet you and assist with your room assignment and check-in. Please allow plenty of time to be at the official opening ceremony (required for all participants) at 2 p.m.; for those on campus, it will be held in the University Center’s Watkins Auditorium. The opening ceremony is a great time for you and your parents to meet the Governor’s School for the Humanities faculty and staff. Please note that early check-in on Saturday night, June 1, is not allowed. There will be no counselors in the dorm that night, and Scholars are not permitted to be in the dorm alone.

Residence Hall Information

You and your fellow Scholars will stay in Cooper Hall, a large, air-conditioned dormitory built around an open courtyard with graduated terraces and rock-lined pools. Cooper Hall houses our Living Learning Communities and is located to the west of Clement Hall.  The rooms are arranged as eight-person suites, with each suite having four bedrooms and a connecting living room and bathroom.  A front desk that serves as a 24-hour information station and handles maintenance needs and emergency situations is located in the lobby and is reachable at (731) 881-8900.  The basement provides laundry facilities, kitchen facilities, and a TV lounge.  Men and women are housed on separate floors, and there are resident counselors on each floor. The layout for rooms in Cooper Hall may be viewed at  You will need to bring your own linens. A blanket, pillow, bed linens (extra-long twin, 36” x 79”), towels and washcloths are suggested as well as extra hangers for your clothes; do not, however, bring a TV, DVD player, microwave, or refrigerator.  Your counselor will have access to a refrigerator, if needed.

Computer/Data Storage

You may bring your personal computer at your own risk but we do not require it.  You will have access to the general purpose computer labs on campus, as described hereinafter.  In addition, the Paul Meek Library’s Media Services area has wireless laptop computers available for check-out for in-library use. 

You will receive the computer labs’ locations and hours of operation once the program begins.  There is a small fee to print in the computer labs and library.  As a Governor’s School Scholar, you will be given a $5 electronic allowance for printing; any additional printing will be at your expense.  In terms of data storage, the majority of the computers on campus have a CD drive.  As a registered UT Martin student, you will have 20 megabytes of storage space set aside on the server within which to save your work.  To access this storage, just save your work to the “My Documents” folder on the desktop.  The next time you login, it will be in the “My Documents” folder of any networked computer you use.

Custodial Service

Custodians provide periodic cleaning of living rooms, hall lounge areas, and bathrooms.  Scholars are asked to empty their own wastebaskets into the trash chutes provided in each hall and are expected to keep personal items orderly to aid in the cleaning process.  Cleaning supplies, including mops, brooms, and dustpans, are located in a cleaning room on each floor.  You may also obtain cleaning supplies by contacting the front desk.

Dormitory Room Keys

You will be assigned a room key; that key must be returned at check-out on the last day.  For safety, be sure to lock your doors each time you leave your room.  The University cannot be responsible for theft or damage to your possessions.  There is a charge for lost or unreturned keys.  Room keys are $30.00 and suite keys are $55.00

Internet Access

Computers with Internet access are available to all Scholars in the computer labs and library.  If you choose to bring your personal computer and want to have it connected to the Internet, you will be responsible for the necessary equipment. Every dorm room has an Ethernet connection per bed and wireless access is also available in the dorms as well as all academic buildings. There is no fee for using the wired or wireless network, but your personal computers will have to have the appropriate network equipment installed in order to use the network. Also, when you connect your computer to the UT Martin network, it will be scanned to ensure that its operating system is up to date and that a current antivirus is installed. If your computer does not have a current operating system or does not have antivirus software, you will be asked to go through an update procedure before you can connect to the network. 

All students will be given a personal UT Martin e-mail address.

Laundry Facilities

Laundry facilities are located in the basement of Cooper Hall.  Usage for both washing and drying is free of charge, but you will need to bring your own supply of laundry detergent and fabric softener. You will be responsible for doing your own laundry, including linens. Please be sure to bring an ample supply of towels and washcloths as your schedule will be full. 


UTM Mail Services (881-7790), located downstairs in Clement Hall, is available to purchase stamps and mail letters/packages.  Hours of operation are 10 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Any mail will be delivered to your dorm room each day. Your mail should be addressed as follows:

Your Name

Governor’s School for the Humanities

University of Tennessee at Martin

208 Gooch Hall

Martin, Tennessee 38238


Each residence hall room has a standard telephone jack which may be used for calls on campus, for local service, and to receive outside calls if you wish to connect your own “land line.”  You will need to bring a phone for this use.  With your telephone service, you will also have access to voicemail.  Upon arrival, you will receive a brochure that gives instructions on the use of the telephone and voicemail.  If you want to make long distance calls, you will need to call collect or use a calling card. Cell phones may be brought to campus; however, they must be turned off during class or meeting times. 

If you plan to bring your cell phone, you need to check with your service provider regarding coverage in Martin and Northwest Tennessee.  Some providers do not receive adequate service in the area.

Vending Machines

A variety of snack and drink vending machines is located in the Cooper Hall lobby and basement areas. 

Personal Items / Clothing

Scholars may want to bring a small radio, alarm clock, and desk lamp. A camera will help to commemorate your academic and social experiences. You will of course need personal items such as soap, shampoo, toothpaste, mosquito repellent, sunscreen, stamps, umbrella/poncho, towels, washcloths, laundry detergent, fabric softener, laundry bag, hangers, and an ample supply of medicine (as authorized). You may also want to bring headphones, stationery, a dictionary, sporting equipment, and some “spending” money. As noted earlier, you may bring a personal computer if you wish, but you will have access to the computer labs on campus. You will need to bring a telephone if you want one in your room. Though the month of June is usually quite warm in Martin, you will probably want to bring some jeans or other long pants and long-sleeved shirts. All buildings are air-conditioned, so you might also want to bring a sweater or sweatshirt if you tend to be cold. We recommend you dress casually and comfortably (but discreetly) for daily activities; walking shorts, blue jeans, and t-shirts are typically popular. Note, however, indecent or offensive clothing will not be permitted. More formal clothing, i.e., a dress for ladies and a coat and tie for men, will be needed for the closing banquet. You may bring musical instruments if you want; there will be free time for practice if you so desire. We will have an open microphone night, so you might also bring your music on a CD for vocals or, if you have an unusual hobby or ability, whatever you might need to share it with others (within reason). We will supply college-ruled notebook paper and required course supplies. You will need to bring your own pens/pencils and a backpack.


All basic expenses related to the program, including room, food, admission to cultural and social events, recreation fees, transportation on field trips, tuition, and required books are paid for by GSH. It is advisable to bring a limited amount of money for snacks and personal items. There will be a shuttle each weekend to a nearby shopping center, so you will have the chance to do light shopping at various stores, catch a movie or visit various restaurants. The campus bookstore also has a wide variety of items, including UT Martin souvenirs, which may interest you. There are ATMs located across from the cafeteria in the University Center.

Automobiles and Bikes

Students are discouraged from driving to Governor’s School. If it is necessary for a student to do so, vehicle keys must be turned over to a staff member on the day of arrival. Students are not allowed to drive a vehicle during GSH, except for authorized travel home, so keys will not be returned to the student until the day of departure. UT Martin is a walking campus, and with all transportation during the program provided by staff, students are not allowed to bring bicycles.

Sporting Equipment

UT Martin offers excellent recreational facilities, both indoor and outdoor. If you are a jogger, bring your running shoes, as we have a one-and-a-half mile physical fitness trail which includes exercise stations. You will also have an opportunity to utilize the sand volleyball court, basketball courts, tennis courts, running tracks, softball fields, aerobic rooms, and other facilities. You will need to bring sporting equipment with you such as your volleyball, basketball, tennis racket, baseball or softball glove, Frisbee, and athletic shoes.

Student Identification Card

You will receive a student identification card which will be used as your meal ticket, fitness facilities pass, dormitory access card, library card, computer lab access card, and general identification card during your stay at UT Martin. This card also serves as a debit card for use in the library and computer labs (for copying), campus vending machines, bookstore, and campus convenience store. Money can be “added” to the card at the Business Services office located in Clement Hall. While it is of course not required, if you choose to utilize the debit function of the Skyhawk I.D., we advise you to place a limited amount of money on your card at a time. The photograph you are to submit will be utilized for your Student I.D., which will be given to you when the program begins.

Please carry your student identification card with you at all times as it authorizes your presence on campus.

Food Services

Sodexo Corporation operates the University’s food service facility.  While you are attending Governor’s School, all meals will be provided, including weekends, beginning with dinner for Scholars on Sunday, June 4.  The last scheduled meal is breakfast on Friday, June 30.  Breakfast will tentatively be served from 8 – 9 a.m., lunch 12:30 – 1:30 p.m. and dinner 5 – 6 p.m.  Meals will be served in the dining area on the first floor of the University Center.  Occasionally meals may be served elsewhere as we have several special meal events scheduled during your stay. 

Scholars having unique dietary needs will be accommodated, but please note any such requests on the Medical Information Form.


On weekday evenings (Sunday through Thursday), students are required to be in the dormitory by 10 p.m., on their respective floors by 10:30 p.m. and in their rooms by 11 p.m. On weekend evenings (Friday and Saturday), students are required to be in the dormitory by 11 p.m., on their respective floors by 11:30 p.m. and in their rooms by midnight. Students will check in with their resident counselor by 10 p.m. (11 p.m. on weekends) to verify that they are in the building. After check-in, students may not leave the dormitory until 6 a.m.

Religious Services

Insofar as it is logistically feasible, every effort will be made to ensure you will be able to attend religious services on Sunday mornings if you so desire. Advance written permission from parents/guardians is required. The Authorization to Leave Campus for Religious Services Form is included in your admissions packet.

The following churches are within walking distance of campus

St. Jude Catholic Church


110 Hannings Lane, Martin

Trinity Presbyterian Church


145 Hannings Lane, Martin

The Governor’s School Staff will arrange transportation to the following churches as well as others as requested

First Assembly of God


201 Mt. Pelia Road, Martin

First Baptist Church


123 University Street, Martin

Martin Church of Christ


233 Oxford Street, Martin

First United Methodist Church


225 Main Street, Martin

Faith Lutheran Church


2012 E. Reelfoot Ave., Union City

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints


501 Wells Ave., Fulton, KY

Parents' Weekend

The weekend of June 14 - 16 is Parents’ Weekend. Time on Saturday and Sunday will be made available to visit and spend time with your family. If your parents and siblings would like to visit you that weekend, there are three hotels located close to the University: Hampton Inn (731-587-5800 or 800-HAMPTON), Days Inn (731-587-9577 or 800-DAYS INN), and Econo Lodge (731-587-4241 or 800-446-6900). Scholars may also be “adopted” by another Scholar’s family for Parents’ Weekend. If you want to do that, however, we must have written authorization from both sets of Scholar parents/guardians before you may leave the campus. As a rule, ONLY parents/guardians may sign out a student during Parents’ Weekend. Please call us if you have any questions.

Emergency Contacts / Situations

If someone needs to contact you in an emergency and cannot reach you on your personal line, he or she may call the main desk in Cooper Hall (731-881-8900), the Governor’s School office (731-881-7579), the student’s counselor (contact information for whom will be provided to parents at check-in), or the University Police (731-881-7777).  Each office will have your schedule and will either find you (in an emergency) or leave you a message to return the call.  The Governor’s School office hours are 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. CST Monday through Friday.  Cooper Hall staff and the University Police are available 24 hours every day.

If you are in an emergency situation yourself, please notify the University Police immediately.  They operate on a 24-hour basis.  You should report any suspicious activity or emergency by phoning 911; campus 911 calls are answered by the University Police, who can also be reached at 7777 or, if you are off-campus, 881-7777.  Uniformed officers make themselves visible during patrol; if it is quicker, however, notify a resident counselor, the Cooper Hall head resident, or the Governor’s School office.  While staying in the dorm, you should report any incidents or concerns to your counselor, the head resident or the assistant head resident, all of whom can get to a telephone quickly.  Some carry radios and can contact the University Police directly.

Medical Emergencies

In the event of a medical emergency, you should notify a resident counselor, the Cooper Hall head resident, the Governor’s School Office or University Police.  They will arrange for proper treatment.  If you need outpatient treatment for a minor illness or injury during the hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., you will be taken to a local clinic.  After 6 p.m., or in case of a major medical emergency, you will be taken to West Tennessee Healthcare Volunteer Hospital, which is within five minutes of the campus. 

Such medical treatment is the individual responsibility of each Scholar and his or her parents or guardians.  For this reason, the hospital requires that a copy of your family insurance card accompany the Medical Information Form you provide us.


The Governor’s School will arrange for press releases and photographs to be sent to Scholars’ local newspapers announcing their participation in the program.  Any Scholar who does not want us to do so should notify the GSH office.  “Candid” photographs will also be taken throughout the program and used for the GSH yearbook, newspaper and/or Web site.  Scholars who do not wish for their photographs to be taken or used for those purposes should, again, notify the GSH office.


UT Martin offers a stimulating and challenging educational experience on a beautiful campus setting. The faculty and staff are committed to the goal of providing a stay that is as safe as possible on a campus that offers the opportunity for intellectual growth. You will also be pleased to know that the Martin community has a low crime rate. The citizens of the area realize UT Martin offers expanded educational, cultural and health facilities, and the campus-community relationship is close. The University is designed with safety in mind, with many wide, well-lit walking paths. Nonetheless, you can significantly help maintain your own safety by following security policies and taking common precautions; these would include securing valuables, walking in groups, watching for suspicious activity and reporting even minor violations. Common sense is always in order to assure your safety here, just as it is for anyone, anytime, anywhere. For your own safety after dark, we suggest you walk in groups of two or more when you are out of the dormitory. You should never go into another dormitory for any reason. Scholars are not permitted to be off-campus without permission from the Director, Assistant Director, or Administrative Assistant and must be in the dormitory by 10 p.m. Sunday-Thursday and by 11 p.m. on weekends, after which the residence hall is closed for the safety of the students. Someone is on duty at the front desk 24 hours a day in the event you need assistance.

University Facilities

The University of Tennessee at Martin, a part of the University of Tennessee since 1927, is located nearer the county seats of 16 West Tennessee counties than any other public four-year institution in Tennessee and serves a student body of about 6,700 students.  UT Martin was a junior college for over 20 years before becoming a senior college in 1951.  The institution officially became the University of Tennessee at Martin in 1967.  Approximately 21 different undergraduate degree programs and several graduate programs are offered through the five colleges of the campus.  Trying to suit the needs of students, faculty and staff, the University has many useful facilities across campus.  Below we have listed several University facilities that could be especially helpful to you and your fellow Scholars: 

Boling University Center

The Boling University Center is located near residence halls, the library, and academic buildings.  The facility is the “community center” of the University and used regularly by students, faculty, staff, and alumni.  The University Center offers conference rooms, a game room, an auditorium, and student lounges.  Services include an information desk, Student Government offices, and dining services.

Campus Bookstore:  The bookstore is located on the first floor of the University Center and provides a convenient place for purchasing books, stationery, athletic goods, University apparel, and souvenirs.  The bookstore’s normal hours of service are 7:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday and 10:00 a.m. – 1 p.m. Saturday; it is closed Sunday.

Information Desk: The Boling University Center information desk is located on the first floor of the University Center and is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.  The information desk offers a lost and found service for GSH Scholars, as do the University Police. 

Computer Labs/Student Database

You will have access to all of the computer labs on campus.  The labs are general purpose with both Windows-based and Apple-based computers.  You must use your Skyhawk ID card to gain access to the labs.  You will be pleased with the updated equipment in the general-purpose computer labs and knowledgeable Computer Center staff at UT Martin.  If you need assistance while in a computer lab, e.g., printer problems, there are telephones in each lab that connect you directly to the Help Desk.  The general purpose computer labs are Room 212 in Gooch Hall (open when not scheduled for classes; class schedule and reservation posted on the outside of the door), on the second floor of the University Center (open 7 a.m. to 11 p.m.), and on the second floor of the library (open 7:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday – Thursday, 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Friday, 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday, and 2 p.m. to 10 p.m. Sunday).  A 24-hour lab has been set up behind Captain’s Coffee in the library. 

Your personal Portal ID—which will enable you to access e-mail, Banner, Canvas, library electronic databases, and computer labs—will be given to you after Governor’s School begins.  Banner Self-Service is a database program utilized by UT Martin students to register, access grades, etc.  Although we will register you for your credit course before you arrive, you will still need to have a login ID and password to access your grades.  The University, in an effort to protect your privacy, does not mail grades; they can only be accessed in person with valid identification or via Banner. 

Elam Center

The Kathleen and Tom Elam Center is located at the west entrance of campus.  The Elam Center offers an indoor jogging balcony.  Outside facilities include two softball fields, a 400-meter track, two soccer fields, 16 tennis courts (six lighted) and a 1.5-mile fitness trail. 

Summer hours of operation will be announced later in the spring.

Paul Meek Library

The Paul Meek Library, now expanded from 65,000 to 120,000 square feet, features an online catalog (OPAC), which provides access to over 10,000 databases and journals not “on the Internet” and 40,000 electronic books; an after-hours study area equipped with a CCTV surveillance system; a Special Collections area; group study rooms; a student computer lab; and a faculty multimedia lab.  The Media Services area is also located in the library and hosts student multi-media production stations.  The library houses the area’s most extensive educational and classic-film video collection, with over 7,600 titles to choose from.  In addition, Media Services supports UT Martin’s film history classes by offering the very best of classic Hollywood and international feature films.

The Special Collections department is a regional repository for historic documents and records located on the UT Martin campus.  Its primary function is to identify, select, and organize unique documents and records whose enduring research value makes them worthy of continued preservation and conservation.  The department’s research room and library also serve as a resource center for local and state history and genealogical research.

You must present a valid Student ID before checking out any library materials.  The library reserves the right to limit the number of books or other materials which can be borrowed by one individual.

Summer hours of operation will be announced later in the spring. 

Student Recreation Center

Learning. Fitness. Fun.  It is all here in the $16.5 million, 96,000-square-foot Student Recreation Center. The Student Recreation Center opened in February 2010 and includes: four basketball courts that can convert into volleyball and badminton courts, walking/jogging balcony, three racquetball courts, fitness center with state-of-the-art equipment, classrooms, multipurpose and aerobics room, locker rooms, equipment checkout space, and office suites.  It also has two lobbies, which provide additional leisure recreational opportunities—pool, ping pong, foosball, air hockey and much more.

Summer hours of operation will be announced later in the spring. 

Testing Services

ACT Test

The ACT test will be given on the UT Martin campus on Saturday, June 9, 2024.  The registration deadline is May 3, and Scholars who choose to take the test should go through the usual channels to register.  UT Martin’s center code is 040320. For more information, visit the ACT Web site, Permission is not usually given for any student to test off-campus during the Governor’s School for the Humanities program.  As always, you are welcome to take the ACT on the UT Martin campus.

SAT Test

The SAT test will not be given on the UT Martin campus during the 2024 Governor’s School for the Humanities.

Opening and Closing Ceremonies/Banquet

The official opening ceremony is on Sunday, June 2, at 2 p.m. in the University Center’s Watkins Auditorium. The opening ceremony lasts about an hour, and your parents are welcome to attend.  This casual event is a great time for you and your parents to meet the Governor’s School faculty and staff.  On the evening before the program ends, Thursday, June 27, there will be a closing banquet which is semi-formal and exclusively for Scholars, faculty, and staff.

Scholars’ families are also invited to attend the closing ceremony, the last event on the schedule (Friday, June 28 at 9:30 a.m.) and typically a very special occasion.  The ceremony will be held in the University Center’s Watkins Auditorium.  Thereafter, Scholars and their families will return to the dormitory for check-out.

The Governor’s School for the Humanities is funded under an agreement with the Tennessee Department of Education

Governor's School for the Humanities
Dr. Jerald Ogg, Director
208 Gooch Hall
The University of Tennessee at Martin
Martin, TN 38238