Information Technology Services Newsletter


IT Maintenance Updates 
Monthly mandatory security patches for all services will occur on Thursday, May 21, 5:00pm - 10:00pm. Users may experience intermittent downtime during these events


How to Create an Incomplete Section in Canvas 
We anticipate higher numbers of students needing extra time to complete their Spring 2020 coursework. Faculty can create an Incomplete section in Canvas and cross-list the section to their Spring course content. Check out these video instructions.


Covid-19 Related Hacks and Phishing 
As we continue to tele-commute, please watch out for new types of scams leveraging the uncertainties of COVID-19. One type of scam asks for donations to the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund via Bitcoin . Others send alarming texts or emails to trick you into providing personal information or to install an app that steals your data. Emails impersonating supervisors asking for help are still prevalent along with “sextortion” scams. As always, please forward suspicious emails to or use the “Report Suspicious Email” button in Outlook.


Please be aware of scams involving Economic Impact Payments and learn how to protect yourself against them. Here are some things to look for:

  • What they call it. It’s not a stimulus check, stimulus payment, etc. The official term used by the IRS is “Economic Impact Payment.”
  • How they contact you. A random department from the IRS isn’t going to email, text, or call you unless you have already initiated contact with them.They will send you mail through the US Postal Service and use official IRS letterhead.
  • Offer to send your payment faster. You cannot speed up the process by providing personal information. You will get it as soon as the IRS processes it.
  • Receiving a check for more than you are expecting. You get a check in the mail that looks a little off and is for more than you are supposed to get.They say there was a mistake and ask you to send back the difference.


For more information on COVID-19 related scams, check out the FBI, FCC, FTC, and IRS websites. (Adapted from



Summer Help Desk Hours 
With the new campus directives on access to campus facilities, the Help Desk hours have been adjusted. We will monitor emails and voicemails sent to the Help Desk after hours. Please check our website for further updates to the schedule.

Summer Hours May 4th - July 31st

Monday - Friday7am – 6pm (Phone Support)
Monday - Friday6pm – 9pm (Checking Email and Voicemail)
Saturday & Sunday12pm – 5pm (Phone Support)
Saturday & Sunday5pm – 9pm (Checking Email and Voicemail)
Memorial Day Holiday, May 26th8am – 5pm (Phone Support



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