The text messaging system will be utilized only during extreme emergencies that represent an imminent danger to the campus. The messages will be extremely brief in explanation and will include suggested actions to take. Those individuals that are registered for text messaging are encouraged to monitor other media/information sources for additional emergency information. Those individuals are also encouraged to contact others by word of mouth without placing themselves or others in danger.

The text messaging system will be used in addition to (not to replace) other emergency notification procedures already in place. The system will be tested periodically and utilized as dictated. Questions should be directed to Public Safety at (731) 881-7777. To sign up, use the below procedure:

Cell phone information will be periodically uploaded to the Rave emergency texting system.  This upload will include all active cell phones for all currently registered students and active UTM faculty/staff.  If you wish to not receive emergency texts from UTM, simply delete your cell phone.  Please note that you can still list your cell phone number as a "Mailing" or "Permanent" telephone number for non-texting purposes.

You may access your Rave account at any time by going to (you will login with your portal credentials).