1. Login to Banner Self-Service.
  2. Then, click the Personal menu button:
  3. From the menu items, select Vehicle Registration:
  4. When the initial page appears, first click on the link for viewing the parking regulations. Submitting your parking permit application signifies that you understand and agree to these regulations.
  5. Next, select a starting term (such as Fall 2017) from the drop-down list.
  6. Then, click the Continue button near the bottom left:
  7. Indicate which method you intend to use for paying for your parking permit.
  8. Then, click the Continue button:
  9. Read the bold print and ensure that Banner has classified you correctly (on-campus, commuter, etc). If you believe it is in error, contact the Public Safety office before completing your parking request. In this example, the student is classified as a Commuter (off-campus)
  10. Enter your license plate number, then select the state, make, and color from the three drop-down lists.
  11. Then, click the Submit button:
  12. A summary page will appear, similar to the one shown below. You may wish to print the page for informational purposes.
  13. Congratulations, your parking permit application is complete!