What are the incentives to write grants?

Financial: UTM faculty and staff may be eligible to receive incentive payments as a result of gaining external salary support on sponsored projects; click the link UT Martin Faculty and Staff Incentive Plan on the webpage menu to learn more. Some grants will enable a faculty member to earn extra pay during the summer if allowable per their contract and UT Martin policy. Funds can be used for supplies, equipment, and projects that otherwise would not be available.

Professional: The research generated from the project may yield useful information and data for publications, presentations, and further research.

Collaboration: Sponsored programs can offer new avenues of collaboration between faculty members on the UTM campus as well as with other campuses.

I have no experience in writing grants. Where do I start?

Schedule a meeting with the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs staff. Bring your ideas for a project, possible goals and objectives, and the level of funds you want to request. The ORSP can research possible funding agencies, map out a timeline, and assist in the development of a writing team.

You can review training modules at https://www.utm.edu/offices-and-services/research-and-sponsored-programs/training-materials-and-checklists.php and visit the ORSP Resources for Grant Writing webpage for initial information. The ORSP also offers workshops and individual training sessions upon request.

If my students conduct research in my class, do they have to follow research integrity guidelines?

Yes. Any research conducted on humans, including questionnaires and surveys, requires that the researcher file an Institutional Review Board Application. Likewise, if the student is conducting research on animals, they must follow the protocols of the IACUC.

If the proposal is submitted online, do I still have to work through the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs?

Yes. There are numerous procedures that must be followed internally to ensure that your proposal is prepared and submitted according to the guidelines of the agency, UT Martin, and the UT System.