SONA is a research website that allows administrators and researchers to launch research out to participants on their campus that allows easy access and easy sign up for participants and researchers to track study times and study sign-ups. Surveys can be in person and online and allow for easy sign up where people can take the survey and get credit for taking it right away.


Contact information for technical support:

Call number: +1 (800) 775-3772


Basic How-to information

How to reset password

How to reset your password is easy just click on the forgot password button that is next to the login page and type in your UTM email address and go through the stages of resetting your password.

How to get an account

Students should already have a specific set up account with their username being their UTM username and their password was sent to them via Sona Research participant system. If student did not receive email check spam folder and also let professor know.

How to set up an account

First go to once at the login page click on the request account button next to the login button. Fill out the information don’t forget to use your UTM user ID for the User ID and UTM email address as the email address. Also, DON’T FORGET TO PUT YOUR BIRTHDAY. There will be several studies that will have age restrictions and you will not be able to see them if you do not put in your birthday. Once you fill out all the information and choose your course that you are enrolled in click on the request account button and you should have an account.

How participants can edit their account

  1. Make sure you know how to log in to the SONA system by using the username and password given to you.
  2. Once logged in go to My Profile in the top right-hand corner of the tool bar
  3. There you will see your information such as your email address, name, user ID, and where you can change your password and enter your birthday.
  4. You can enter information and change your password this way and once done hit update and it should update your profile with all your information.

Getting credit for a survey

To get credit for a survey one must complete the survey all the way till the end to the login page and once finished completely you will receive an email notification letting you know that you finished the survey and were granted course credit for the survey.

How to take an online survey

To take an online survey make sure you can see the survey in the available study section of the participant view.

  1. Click on the study you want to take by clicking on the time slot that is available
  2. Click on the green button that says view time slots for this study
  3. Click on the green sign up button then click on the button again at the bottom of the page
  4. Click on the blue Complete Survey Now Button Which will redirect you to the question pro link.
  5. Complete the survey and once finished you will be taken back to the login screen and be told that you completed the survey and was rewarded credit.
How to upload a survey to SONA for researchers
  1. Log in to your account and choose researcher position
  2. On the home page go under Add New Study and click on Create a new study
  3. Under select study type select a study and hit “continue”
  4. Once you hit “continue” a page will come up with study information
  5. Fill out the basic information like study name, duration, credits, and click on it being an active study. Once the study is approved by the admin the survey will be available to other participants.
  6. In advanced settings, there are pre-requisites and disqualifiers that are available as well as course restrictions that allow the survey to go only to courses that the researcher chooses to use for credit.
  7. There is an age restriction section, invitation code so if participants should need a certain passcode or invite to take the study this is where it would be imputed. Also, there is a study url link, which is where if an online link is being used for research the link will go in this box. Once all this information is filled out hit the “add this study” button at the end of the page.
  8. For using QuestionPro as the external link for the research add on ?custom1=%SURVEY_CODE% to the URL to allow for redirection to SONA for credit. Also in QuestionPro go to finish options and click on the select finish option and Automatic redirect and put in the SONA QuestionPro link that is given in the study information URL box in SONA in the website address box in QuestionPro and hit save changes.
  9. For the survey to be viewable to the participants it must be approved and have available timeslots assigned for participants to sign up on. And the survey should be up and running and available to those who wish to take it.
  10. Extra steps for an in-person study
    When adding a time slot make sure the time and location are added into the information so that participants know where to go and when to arrive and who to contact if they cannot find the room or cannot make it.
Frequently asked questions

What if I had an account last year/ semester?

If you had an account last semester you still have access to that account the only thing that will need to be changed in your profile is the class that you are enrolled in which can be done by going to my profile, under credits there is a courses section and a button that says Change Courses with a little pencil next to it. Click on that and choose the course(s) that you are currently enrolled in. And remember to hit update changes!!

How many credits must you complete for a class overall

The amount of credit that you may need to complete depends on the professor, but normally it is only 2 credits so two surveys but students are encouraged to complete more than 2 credits/ surveys.

Surveys are not coming up?

Make sure you have inserted your birthday in your profile (see how participants can edit their account to figure out how). There are several studies that will be restricted by age and if you do not put in your age/ birthday into your profile SONA will not allow you to see any of the surveys that are open. Also, if you cannot see any of the studies or see very few that you may have already taken or if it is an experiment that you cannot take due to time constraints there might just be a shortage of surveys up. And with this problem you may just have to wait till more surveys are approved and opened up for participants to see.

What if I am underage and can’t take any of the surveys?

If you are underage there will be alternative surveys/ assignments that will be available to students who still wish to participate but cannot due to age restrictions. These alternative assignments will give students the credits that they are missing from filling out the regular surveys that are not available to underage students.

Researcher based questions

What if my survey is not working?

First make sure that your survey is approved by the administrator, if your survey has been approved make sure you have input the right link for QuestionPro and have done the steps to redirect the link back to SONA. Also, if your link has been approved and is still not working make sure it is an active study and has timeslots available for the participants to sign up for.

Should I give participants credit if they took the survey and credits are not showing up?

No do not give the participants credit for taking your survey. Contact the professor or administrator who will then work to figure out giving credit for your survey.