STEM Center for Teaching and Learning

STEM Kits and Lesson Plans

Mission Statement

The STEM Center for Teaching and Learning provides STEM professional development for teachers in partnering local education agencies, provides a repository of STEM teaching supplies with associated lesson plans, and provides presentations of STEM educational activities for K-16 students, civic organizations, and businesses in West Tennessee. These activities support the university mission to educate and engage responsible citizens.

STEM Center Goals

  1. Develop and provide quality professional development for teachers of science and mathematics.
  2. Encourage and support STEM-related outreach programs initiated by university faculty.
  3. Assist with designing professional development and research programs.
  4. Inspire and motivate students across all levels of PK-16 to study, learn, and apply the concepts of mathematics and science.
  5. Encourage and facilitate collaboration among business, industry, education, and state policymakers to ensure a skilled, capable future workforce.

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