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Benefits of being an online Philosophy major

*The philosophy major is a great choice for students seeking to complete a B.A. degree in an area that is both enjoyable and challenging.

*Philosophy majors learn transferable skills that many employers seek, including critical thinking, problem solving, and persuasive oral and written communication.

*Common careers of philosophy majors include:

  • Law
  • Business and Industry
  • Government
  • University Teaching
  • Medical Specialties
  • Information Technology
  • Publishing
  • Religious Organizations

*Philosophy majors consistently score higher on standardized graduate-level exams than most other majors, including the GRE, LSAT, MCAT, and GMAC, according to several studies.

*Philosophy majors often go on to law school, philosophy graduate school, and seminary.

*Philosophy majors as a group earn higher mid-career salaries than majors in any other humanities, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal.

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Graduation Requirements

Minimum Credits required for Graduation 120

Minimum credits in upper-division courses 36
Minimum credits in any one subject counted toward graduation 50
Complete requirments for a major(see Major section which follows)
Complete requirments for a minor(see Minor section which follows)


General Requirements

  1. Communication Requirement
    1. English 100-110 or 111, and 112 (or equivalent honors courses)
    2. Communications 230 (or equivalent honors course)
  2. Foreign Langauge Requirement

    Completion of 222 in a foreign language or the equivalent. (See Satisfying the B.A.and B.S. Foreign Language Requirement section.)
  3. Humanities Requirement
    1. Complete a sequence from one area and one course from two other areas:

      English: English 250-251, or 260-261, or 270-271 (foreign language literature coursesnumbered 300 or above may be substituted for English courses.)
      History: History 121-122, or 201-202 (or equivalent honors courses)
      Honors 111
      Philosophy and Religious Studies: Philosophy 110-120 or Religious Studies 201 or 301
    2. Complete one course in two of the following four areas:

      Art 110; or Art History 210, 211
      Dance 110
      Music 111, 112, 114, 115
      Theatre 110, 111
    3. Complete Philosophy 160
  4. Laboratory Science Requirement

    Complete one sequence outside of major:
    Astronomy 201-202
    Biology 120 or 130, and 110 or 140
    Chemistry 111-112, or 121-122
    Geology 110-120
    Physics 101-102, or 211-212, or 220-221
  5. Social Science Requirement

    Outside of major complete one sequence and one additional course in a different area (one course must come from Economics 201, 202; Political Science 210; Psychology 101; or Sociology 201)
    Economics 201-202
    Geography (Regional) 151-152
    Geography (Physical and Cultural) 201-202
    Honors 112
    Political Science (American Government) 210-220
    Political Science (World Politics) 230
    Psychology 101 (or equivalent honors courses)
    Sociology 101, 300
    Sociology 201-202
  6. Mathematical Resoning Requirement

    Complete one math course from the following: Mathematics 110, 130, 140, 160, 185, 210, 251, or equivalent honors course

Philosophy Major Curriculum

A major consists of 30 hours to include: Philosophy 160, 210, 314, and 315 and eighteen (18) additional hours of upper-division philosophy courses. Philosophy 110-120 are prerequisites to the major and may be used to meet general education requirements for the B.A. Under the direction of their philosophy advisors, students should select philosophy electives based on their educational and career goals. Majors must take a major filed examination and assemble a portfolio consisting of three writing samples at approximately 3,000 words each from advanced classes. One sample must be on the history of philosophy, one on value theory (e.g. ethics or political philosophy) and a third on an elected philosophical topic.

Course Offerings

Complete the following required courses (18 hours):

  • 110 The Adventure of Ideas (3)
  • 120 The Adventure of Ideas (3)
  • 160 Introduction to Ethics (3)
  • 210 Elementary Logic (3)
  • 314 History of Ancient and Medieval Philosophy (3)
  • 315 History of Modern Philosophy (3)

Complete 18 Upper Division Hours:

  • 320 Traces of God (3)
  • 330 Love, Sexuality, and Living (3)
  • 340 Death, Suffering and Evil (3)
  • 350 Bioethics (3)
  • 360 Symbolic Logic (3)
  • 370 God and Human Happiness (3)
  • 380 Topics in the Philosophy and History of Religion (3)
  • 385 Topics in the History of Philosophy (3)
  • 395 Philosophy and Film (3)
  • 410 Political and Legal Philosophy (3)
  • 430 Science and Human Values (3)
  • 440 Topics in African-American and Feminist Studies (3)
  • 450 Existentialism and Phenomenology (3)
  • 460 Contemporary Metaphysics and Epistemology (3)
  • 470 Internship in Race Relations (3)
  • 490 Topics in Philosophy (3)


* All PHIL/RLST courses are not available online every semester – please contact UT Martin online or Dr. Jim Fieser , advisor for Philosophy completing their degree completely online, with questions or for a schedule of anticipated offerings


All majors must assemble a portfolio, under the supervision of a philosophy faculty member.

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