Bulletin Board for English 112, Section 2 Spring 1998

It's the last Virtual Friday of the semester. Up for discussion today are two poems, one by Robert Frost, whose work we have been looking at, and one by John Keats.
You know the rules of engagement by now: you are only "present" to the extent that you contribute to the discussion, and those who contribute more, and more thoughtful comments, will get higher marks for participation. Make specific reference to the parts of the work that support your observations. Make this a dry run for next Friday's In-class Essay:  for at least some of your comments, do the kind of thoughtful analysis that you want to have show up in your paper.

The Poems

The Frost poem is not in your book. It is "The Onset," and you can find it right here. If you wish to refer to them, the other Frost poems are on Lit 931-36. The Keats poem to read is "La Belle Dame sans Merci," which you can find here and on pp. 955-57 of the Literature anthology. If you're not familiar with the traditions of the faery folk, glance at this folk song about the "little land" (See also, perhaps, this tale of Oisin [usheen] and Niamh [nee-yav] in the Land of Youth). You may want to look at these notes and questions about the poem by the Air Academy High School English Department.
Here are some starter questions: Click here to go to the posting-place.
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