The University of Tennessee at Martin
Department of Computer Science and Information Systems

Bob Bradley’s CS 360 (Introduction To Computer Networks)
Timeline / Schedule for Fall 2003

Subject to change. Check online version often.

Class time: 8:00 am-8:50 am M W F
Room: Business Admin 16
CRN: 41119

1Mon, Aug 18Classes Begin - Intro 
Wed, Aug 20Overview: Serial, Packets, Wires, Cards, LANS, Protocols
Fri, Aug 22HTTP, POP, SMTP
2Mon, Aug 25Chap 1 
Wed, Aug 27Chap 2
Fri, Aug 29Chap 3: Net Programming
3Mon, Sep 1Holiday NO CLASS 
Wed, Sep 3Chap 4: Media
Fri, Sep 5Chap 5: RS232
4Mon, Sep 8Chap 6: Long Dist Comm 
Wed, Sep 10Chap 3: Net Programming
Fri, Sep 12QUIZ Chap 1-6
5Mon, Sep 15Chap 7: Packets, Frames & Error
Wed, Sep 17Chap 8: LAN Tech Topology
Fri, Sep 19Chap 9: Hardware Addresses Frame Type ID
Chap 10: LAN Wiring, Physical Toplogy, Interface Hardware
6Mon, Sep 22Chap 11: Extending LANS: Fiber Modems, Repeaters, Bridges, and Switches 
Wed, Sep 24Chap 12: Long-Distance Digital Connection Technologies
Fri, Sep 26Chap 13: WAN Technologies & Routing
7Mon, Sep 29Chap 14: Connection-Oriented Networking & ATM 
Wed, Oct 1Chap 15: Network Characteristics
Fri, Oct 3Test Chap 1-6 and 7-15
8Mon, Oct 6Chap 16: Protocols & Layering 
Wed, Oct 8Chap 17: Internetworking
Fri, Oct 10Chap 18: IP: Internet Protocol Addresses
9Mon, Oct 13Mid-Terms due
Chap 19: Binding (ARP)
Chap 20: IP Datagrams & Datagram Forwarding
Wed, Oct 15Chap 21: IP Encapsulation, Fragmentation, & Reassembly
Chap 22: The Future IP (IPv6)
Fri, Oct 17Fall Break
10Mon, Oct 20Chap 23: ICMP
Chap 24: TCP: Reliable Transport Service
Wed, Oct 22Chap 25: Internet Routing
Fri, Oct 24TEST
11Mon, Oct 27Chap 26: Client-Server 
Wed, Oct 29Chap 28: Sockets
Fri, Oct 31Chap 29: Example Client/Server
12Mon, Nov 3Chap 29: DNS  
Wed, Nov 5Chap 38: Initilization (DHCP)
Fri, Nov 7Using MS 2000 DNS & DHCP
13Mon, Nov 10Chap 30: E-Mail
Wed, Nov 12POP/IMAP
Fri, Nov 14MIME
14Mon, Nov 17Chap 32: Web/HTTP 
Wed, Nov 19Chap 33: Dynamic Web
Fri, Nov 21Chap 34: Active Web
15Mon, Nov 24Chap 31: FTP 
Wed, Nov 26PTP File Sharing
Fri, Nov 28Holiday
16Mon, Dec 1Chap 36: Network Management  
Wed, Dec 3Chap 37: Network Security
Fri, Dec 5Study Day