Charles Dickens: His Life and Works
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Charles Dickens is considered by most to be the greatest English novelist of all time, comparable to Shakespeare within his own genre of literature. During his life, he authored a myriad of novels, including some of the most famous stories ever: A Tale of Two Cities, A Christmas Carol, Oliver Twist, and many others. Much of his work remains well quoted by the educated to this day and several of his works have been remade into plays and movies, as well as served as the influence of many writers since. Dickens not only used his writing for entertainment, but as a form of political activation against the mistreatment of the impoverished English. Towards the end of his life, the success of his publications made Dickens quite famous and a legend in his own time. He often gave public readings of his novels, adding to his celebrity status. Today, his works remain some of the best selling books from year to year and have been translated into several languages. This website contains information about the life of this great man and the unforgettable stories he created.

Biography Timeline
This page contains a timeline I put together that outlines the life of Charles Dickens. It also contains links to several pages that may provide the more determined researcher with further details about Dickens himself.
Dickens's Novels
This page concentrates strictly on the novels Dickens authored. It contains a list of the works in the order in which they were written, and subsequent links to websites pertaining to each.
Links Page
This page compiles all the links from this site into one, easy to access place. This includes links from the two pages above and others that did not fit either category.
The Dickens Quiz
How much do you know about the famous plots and characters in Dickens's novels? Test your knowledge with this interactive online quiz. The questions are tough, so make sure you've done your research!

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