First-Semester French Lesson List
University of Tennessee at Martin

Pages assigned are for "activités" in the vocabulary sections + reading paragraphs. Students must complete with these, the corresponding grammar work indicated by the words "Attention! Etudier Grammaire..." (see blue pages in chapters). For tutorials on grammar and vocabulary, please consult the "French Learning Objects" for chapters étape 1-ch. 4. Anything may be changed. Please depend on the online version of the lesson list and the syllabus, rather than anything you may see on paper. The word "translation" is for French 115 students, who will also do an additional web project on the importance of French.


Jan.11 - intro, 1re étape
Jan14 - lab sign-up, 1re étape Jan.16 - lab sign-up, 1re étape Jan.18 - lab sign-up, 1re étape
Jan.21 - MLK Day, no class
Jan.23 - 2e étape Jan.25 - 2e étape
Jan.28 - 2e étape Jan.30 - 2e étape Feb.1 - test 1re et 2e étapes
Feb.4 - ch.1 Feb.6 - ch.1 Feb.8 - ch.1
Feb.11 - ch.1 Feb.13 - ch.1 Feb.15 - ch.1
Feb.18 - ch.1
Feb.20 - ch.1 test
Feb.22 - ch.2
Feb.25 - ch.2 Feb.27 - ch.2 Mar.1 - ch.2
Mar.4 - spring break, no class
Mar.6 - spring break, no class
Mar.8 - spring break, no class
Mar.11 - ch.2 Mar.13 - ch.2 Mar.15 - ch.2
Mar.18 - ch.2
Mar.20 - ch.2 test
Mar.22 - ch.3
Mar.25 - ch.3
Mar.27 - ch.3 Mar.29 - Good Friday, no class
Apr.1 - ch.3 Apr.3 - ch.3 Apr.5 - ch.3
Apr.8 - ch.3 Apr.10 - ch.3 test
Apr.12 - on line day
Apr.15 - ch.4
Apr.17 - ch.4 Apr.19 - ch.4
Apr.22 - ch.4 Apr.24 - ch.4 Apr.26 - ch.4, review

Final exam:  Thursday, May 2 @ 7:45