French 111/115 Summer (June 2-July 3)

Before each section of vocabulary activities, you are reminded to do the corresponding grammar exercises with the words: "Attention: étudier grammaire..." These reminders send you to numbered sections in the blue pages for each chapter.

étapes 1 & 2
étapes 1 & 2 étapes 1 & 2 étapes 1 & 2 test (étapes 1 & 2)
ch. 1
ch. 1 ch. 1 ch. 1 test (ch. 1)
ch. 2
ch. 2 ch. 2 ch. 2 test (ch. 2)
ch. 3
ch. 3 ch. 3 ch. 3 test (ch. 3)
ch. 4
ch. 4 ch. 4 ch. 4        
comprehensive final

"French Learning Objects" for the entire book are displayed by chapter for grammar, vocabulary and topic. This page is your own tutor, available any time, day or night from a networked computer.  Don't miss the "Pronounce it right in French" link on the bottom of the page. This resource not only gives you advice on how to say a French word or sentence, it will also pronounce it for you.