French 212: 2nd semester of intermediate French. Fall Semester, 2000 (MWF11-10:50, in H417). TennesseeBob Peckham, H427E Humanities--Tel. 7424; [home: 881-6562] e-mail -

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Quant à moi (2e édition)

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PREREQUISITS: Completion of French 211 or approval of the department.

MEDIA: Bragger and Rice. Quant à moi: Témoignages des Français et des Francophones: manuel de classe (MC) et manuel de préparation (MP), tapes, a video and UTM's own giant www resource site at

GOALS: This course is designed to help you advance all four of your linguistic skills (listening, speaking, reading, writing), so that when you have completed it, you will be able to function reasonably well in the all-French environment of an upper-division course or a visit to a French-speaking country. You will expand the number of topics about which you can speak several sentences interactively, the number of stories you can tell, detailed descriptions you can make, with an anticipated oral proficiency of "Intermediate-Mid". In listening, you will be able to understand the main points and some supporting detail of conversations by native speakers on familiar topics. To this end, we will spend a considerable amount of time listening to and discussing taped interviews. Also, you will develop appropriate mastery of grammatical structures. You will develope an ability to read complex paragraphs through texts which will expand your cultural knowledge.

HOMEWORK: Do all assignments, following the syllabus for MC, and adding the parallel portions of MP. I will ask you to hand in specific exercises from either one, but keep all exercises written down in a note book from which you can remove them for inspection. You review your audiocassettes, or investigate web sites in our lab (H415). I will add essays to assignments (TBA)

ATTENDANCE: Regular attendance MANDATORY. We cannot teach you anything if you are not in class. Unexcused absences in excess of 3 will cost you 10 point for each class missed on your final grade. Perfect attendance will be rewarded with 20 points on your final grade.

GRADE DETERMINATION (1000 points): 3 chapter tests (300), final (300),orals (150), small quizzes (100) class participation, homework, (150).900-1000=A, 800-899=B, 700-799=C, 600-699=D, below 600 = F.

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