French 321, Fall 2012 - UTM
Introduction to French Civilization
& Material Culture
(MWF 10:00-10:50 pm)
Prof. TennesseeBob Peckham

French 321-01, CRN 41451, Fall 2010.  Prerequisite: successful completion of French 341 or 342, strong placement test score, or instructor's approval. Prof. TennesseeBob Peckham (427E Humanities -Tel. 731-881-7424. Home 587-6562. e-mail:

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GENERAL DESCRIPTION & GOALS: This is a 3-credit general French Civilization course, with a historical view of France, but with a focused examination of life in the Fifth Republic (1958 to present) as a temporal and cultural framework, and Europe as a growing administrative and economic framework. We will also examine some facets of "La Francophonie". We will meet in Business Administration 203. La langue officielle c'est le français.

Here are my own non-developmental and topically related Cultural Competency goals for the class:

    • Recognize, know and understand patterns of French behavior and attitudes, including thoughts, communications, actions, customs, beliefs, values,
        institutions of racial, ethnic, religious, and family and other social groups.
    • Acquire a base-line knowledge and recall of common facets of French culture, with regional and ethnic variations.
    • Recognize, know and understand French day-to-day material culture, consumerism, technological and material environments.
    • Acquire an understanding of French history and creative expression within French culture.
    • Recognize, know and understand French cultural iconography, from both a French and non-French perspective.
    • Recognize, know and understand cultural stereotypes of the French.
    • Know and understand majority contrasted with minority French cultures.
    • Know and understand the French differentiation between individual, group, national and international identities.
    • Acquire an ability of competently comparing and contrasting with French American culture in all that we study.

MEDIA: Our textbook is online and free: La France de notre siècle. Work is not complete, but will cover geographic, demographic, historical, political, educational, cultural (traditional categories), economic and material culture,  L'Union Européenne & La Francophonie.  Other resources:

    French 321 media board
    Civilisation française
    Civilisation française, cultures francophones - Le Pont du FLE (France Pratique)
    Cinquième République - Ressources pédagogiques
    Liste des chefs du gouvernement français
    Démographie de la France ses régions   ...Religions en France   
    Tous les journaux français en ligne    
    L'Histoire de France en cartes    
    Chronologie de l'histoire de France     
    Système éducatif - Ministère d'Education     
    Carte du monde de la Francophonie   
    Collectivité d'outre-mer      Département d'outre-mer  

OBJECTIVES & PROCEDURES: The course will be conducted in French. Our communication procedures will reflect the developmental concerns of the

        ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines:

All should be striving for written and oral discourse levels between "Intermediate Mid" and "Advanced"

ASSIGNMENTS will include

    • The exercises in La France de notre siècle, which you will type and hand in.
    • Other assignments and projects, using a variety of resources: web sites, youtube videos, etc.
    • Participate in a regular class online discussion (writing a minimum of 6 sentences per week)
    • Write and hand in one-paragraph summaries of French news item every 2 weeks (can be from French-language radio, television or newspaper)
    • Demonstrate of a foundational knowledge French geography. demography and cultural iconography (passing a test with a "B" or better)

PROJECTS: TBA (from a list I am currently developing).

GRADE SCALE & DETERMINATION: 60-69=D, 70-79=C, 80-89=B, 90-100=A.  best 7 of  8 unit tests (geography. demography and cultural iconography must be passed with a "B" higher). 200 points for class participation, howework, news reports, and email discussion. 100 points projects.

ATTENDANCE is MANDATORY, with 10/1000 points subtracted from the final grade for each unexcused absence after 3. Any excuses MUST be written and of an official nature.


Extra Credit Policy: See our cultural events policy web page:

General & Ethical Expectations: We expect students to demonstrate a solid work ethic, and to conduct themeselves as ladies and gentlemen, with special attention given to the "Standards of Conduct" and "Academic Integrity" sections of

    The University of Tennessee at Martin Student Handbook

*NOTE: Any student eligible for and requesting academic accommodations due to a disability is requested to provide a letter of accommodation from Student Success Center (210 Clement Hall) within the first two weeks of the semester. For additional information contact Sharon Robertson at 731.881.7719,, or Stephanie Mueller at 731.881.7605,

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