French 341 - Conversation/Composition (MWF at noon in H407). Instructor: TennesseeBob Peckham (H427E) 881-7424 (office), 881-7424 (office), (e-mail)

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Course Media:
Joiner, Duménil, Day. Vidéo vérité (VV) and accompanying audio cassette, (Houghton Mifflin)
Le huitième jour (LHJ) - another site for this full-length feature film
Comeau et al, ENSEMBLE, grammaire, 6e éd. (Holt)
Collins Robert English-French Dictionary (strongly recommended)
On-line study aids:
Goals: This course is designed to help students develop their reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills. Special attention will be given to the last two. By the end of the semester, students optimally will have achieved speaking proficiency at the Intermediate High level on the scale set by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages. Students will also be given a review of selected items of French grammar.

Assignments: Over the course of the semester, students will view authentic videosegments from Vidéo vérité, and the 12 "episodes" of "Le huitième jour" and will discuss them in class. They will also complete varied written and oral exercises, including five compositions, based on these viewing assignments. In order to accomplish our goals, the language of the classroom will be French.

Assessment: Students' progress in speaking will be evaluated in daily classes and by oral reports and oral proficiency interviews. Their progress in writing will be measured by various written assignments and by one final and three hour exams.



--Active, informed participation in each class is of utmost importance.
--Students must complete all assignments by the dates indicated in the syllabus.
--Day-to-day assignments to be completed in writing are indicated by an asterisk.
--All grammar exercises must be completed in writing.
--All written assignments (paragraphs, compositions, grammar exercises) MUST be kept in a loose- leaf binder. Double space ALL WRITTEN WORK.


Note: The above are approximate percentages and may be modified.

Scale:(A) 90-100, (B) 80-89, (C) 70-79, (D) 60-69, (F) below 60.

Attendance is MANDATORY. You have 3 unexcused absences without penalty. After that, it is one point OFF THE COURSE GRADE for each. One bonus point for perfect attendance.

Cultural Events: The department strongly encourages those who will make use of a foreign language in their professions to reach an acceptable level of general cultural awareness. To this end, we have a CULTURAL EVENTS POLICY. Students qualify for extra credit by attending approved cultural events. They will be penalized for not attending a prescribed number of cultural events. PLEASE SEE DEPARTMENT'S CULTURAL EVENTS POLICY, on the handout or @ the following address:

HELP! Be honest with yourself and with me. If you have difficulty in this course, use your resource materials, and contact me ASAP. I want you to succeed

TV 5: You are required to watch one hour of TV programming on this international French station each week, and you will receive extra credit forpassing in a summary (150 words, in French) of program content.


You must attend three of the weekly conversation hours organized by the French Faculty. You will earn extra credit if they attend four or more sessions.

FRENCH CLUB: All interested students are encouraged to join the CERCLE FRANCOPHONE and to enrich their understanding of the French language and francophone culture by participating in its activities.


A20 -- Introduction

A22 -- VV, "Les nouveaux enfants," 1-5 (lisez le paragraphe d'introduction; complétez les exercices) [en classe, 5-7, Pendant le visionnement]

A24 -- VV, 197, Chez vous, ex 1-3; pp 8-9, V-18* (1 paragraphe de 5-6 phrases), V-19* (quelques questions); V-23* (1 paragraphe de 5-6 phrases)

A27 -- VV, 198-9, Chez vous, ex 4-7; pp 10-14, Lecture (lisez soigneusement les pages 10 et 17 et le texte, "Merci à mes parents d'avoir divorcé"; faites les exercices L-1 et L-2)

A29 -- VV, 14-15, L-3* (répondez brièvement aux questions), L-4; ENSEMBLE: Interrogation and Expressions Interrogatives, 125-8, ex A et C.

A31 -- VV, 15-16, Synthèse* (commentez par écrit sur chaque question: 2 phrases maximum); ENSEMBLE, Interrogative adverbs, 128-9, A et C; Invariable Pronouns, 130-3, A,B,C,D,E

S03 - Labor Day S05 -- LHJ, Episode I (Introduction); ENSEMBLE, lequel. quel 133-4, A,B

S07 -- LHJ, Episode II; ; ENSEMBLE, 131-3, A, B

S10 -- Composition I: Vos idées personnelles sur le divorce (150-200 mots, cf. VV, 16) VV, "La chaîne du souvenir," 17 (lisez soigneusement le paragraphe d'introduction).

S12 -- Examen I

S14 -- VV, 18-20 (étudiez le vocabulaire et faites tous les exercices); [en classe, 21-3, Pendant le visionnement]

S17 -- VV, 201-2, Chez vous, ex 1-3; pp 23-27, V-18* (paragraphe de 6-10 phrases); V-19* (quelques questions); V-20 (préparez avec un camarade).

S15 -- LHJ, Episode III; ENSEMBLE, Passé Composé vs Imparfait, review formation, 102-9

S19 -- ENSEMBLE, 109-112, B,C; 113-114, B

S21 -- VV, 27-29, Avant le visionnement [en classe, 29-31, Pendant le visionnement]; ENSEMBLE, 115-7, A, C

S24 -- VV, 202, Chez vous, ex 4-6; pp 31-3, V-35* (1 paragraphe de 6-10 phrases), V-36* (6 questions), V-37 (préparez un scénario avec un camarade)

S26 -- VV, 202-3, Chez vous, ex 7-8; Lecture, 36-38 (lisez les deux textes) et faites les exercices , pp 39-41

S28 -- LHJ, Episode IV; commencez à préparer la Composition II; ENSEMBLE, 118, III, IV, V1

O01 -- Composition II: Rédigez la biographie de votre grand-père ou grand- mère (200 mots); LHJ, Episode V

O03 -- LHJ, Episode VI; ENSEMBLE, 119, V2-VI

O05 -- Examen II

O08 -- VV, "La promenade du Souvenir," (lisez l'introduction); VV, 120-123, préparez tous les exercices [en classe, 124-126, Pendant le visionnement]

O10 -- VV, 124-6, reprise de la discussion; 227, Chez vous, ex 1 et 2

O12 -- VV, 127, Après le visionnement, V-22, V-23* (paragraphe de 8 phrases), V-24* (6 questions)

O15 -- LHJ: Episode VII; VV, 128, Pour allez plus loin, V-26* (paragraphe de 6-8 phrases)

O15 -- LHJ: Episode VIII; ENSEMBLE: direct & indirect object pronouns, 40-43, B,C,D... A, B, C

O17 -- VV, 129-30, Avant le visionnement [en classe, Pendant le visionnement]; ENSEMBLE, y as an adverb and pronoun, 43-46, A, C


O22 -- VV, 227-9, Chez vous, ex 3-7; p 132, Après le visionnement, V-33, V-34* (paragraphe de 8- 10 phrases), V-35* (6 questions)

O24 -- Composition III: Un jour vous retournez au pays de vos ancÍtres et vous exprimez vous sentiments dans une lettre à vos parents (ou une autre lettre, V-39, 133) (200 mots)

O26 -- ENSEMBLE, 47-8, A, B, C; VV, Lecture, 134-7; 138, Après la lecture, L1, L2

O29 -- "Mon Pays," Vigneault, Leyrac; LHJ, Episode IX; ENSEMBLE, disjunctive pronouns 49-52, A, B, C; 53, B

O31 -- LHJ: Episode X; VV, "Souvenirs perdus," 175

N02 -- révision pour l'examen

N05 -- Examen III

N09 -- VV, 176-9, Avant le visionnement [en classe, 179-81, Pendant le visionnement]

N12 -- ENSEMBLE, exercices d'ensemble, 53, I (1-15); [en classe, 182, Pendant le visionnement]

N14 -- VV, 239-40, Chez vous, ex 1-5; 184, Après le visionnement, V-19, v-20* (paragraphe de 8-10 phrases)

N16 -- VV, 184, V-21* (6 questions); LHJ, Episode XI

N19 -- Révision du film; ENSEMBLE, l'Article Défini et Lieux Géographiques, 73-5, A, B, C, D, E

N21 -- Composition IV: Redigez le dernier épisode du film (200 mots)


N26 -- révision pour l'examen

N28 -- ExamenIV

N30 -- présentation vidéo (à annoncer)

D03 -- révision générale

D05 -- révision générale, dernier jour de classe

D14 -- EXAMEN FINAL: 7h45

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