French 451-01 (CRN 20263)
Language of Business and the Professions
Spring 2005

Think advanced courses in French are for sniveling postmodern dweebs?
Wanna be a rich Biz Baron or Baroness?
Consider this course.

French 451, "French for Business and the Professions" is a course refocused to meet more precisely the needs of students wanting to incorporate a knowledge of French language into a variety of future workplaces. It is devoted to the acquisition of linguistic proficiencies within the context of French and European business and professional scenarios, rather than being content or fact-focused. Our media will include the latest Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry approved coursebook (, 2003), a book targeting what is needed to pass the CCIP exams for the "Diplôme de français des affaires, 1er degré". Its six units deal with economic players, business creators, human resources, marketing, professional correspondance, and the bottom line. We will integrate a limited number of pertinant articles and videos. We will also build student compenence for speaking about their own chosen professions (not necessarilly in the business world), through independant reading of pertinant articles, viewing videos (where available), personally crafted vocabulary lists, and public discussion.

Our target proficiencies for participants are an ACTFL oral level of "Intermediate High" to "Advanced Plus", depending on entry level. Also, you have my personal guarantee to build a web site with appropriate tutorial and informational resources, or my name isn't TennesseeBob. Class is scheduled for MWF 1- 1:50 PM in Humanities 407. Successful completion of French 341 or 342 or departmental permission required.