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The United States is connected to the Francophone world, as you might expect, through its foreign policy. But it is also connected from the inside, through resident speakers of French, French Patois, French Creole and Cajun French.  Equally important are the connections through those who claim heritage with geographic areas in the French-speaking world (French Métis, French Huguenots, exiled Acadians, French explorers, the coureurs des bois, French Canadian factory workers in New England, French Catholic missionaries, etc.), and through the rich history of the role of French speakers in the development of this country.   One of the many things our politically driven American history classes seem to gloss over is the historical and cultural roles, often the very presence of French speakers in the U.S., so I have collected about 125 links pertaining to those aspects on a national or regional level.  For state level aspects, you should consult the AATF's state advocacy pages, linked to:

Ideas for French Language & Culture Advocacy in the US

400 Quebec 2008 (quadricentennial)

Acadian Archives University of Maine at Fort Kent

Acadian-Cajun Articles

Acadian Culture in Maine (Acadian Archives University of Maine at Fort Kent)

Acadian Deportation Ships
Acadian Genealogy Homepage

L'Aménagement linguistique - États-Unis d'Amérique
American-Canadian Genealogical Society

American-French Genealogical Society
L’Amérique par Nicolas de Fer, 1698 (carte)

An Analysis of the Assimilation of French-Canadian Language and Culture into
American Language and Culture: How French-Canadian Became Franco-American
and then Became Invisible.

Antoine-Simon Le Page du Pratz. The History of Louisiana/L'Histoire de la Louisiane (1758)

Bibliography:  Colonial Wars: The French in America (US Army)
Canada, French Canadians and Franco-Americans in the Civil War Era
Canadian-American Center: A National Resource Center on Canada at the University of Maine

The Cartographic Creation of New England - Index of Images
"Carte de l’Amerique Septentrionale Depuis 28 Degré de Latitude jusqu’au 72." 1755"

Carte de la Louisiane. Le Page du Pratz, Histoire de la Louisiane (1757)

Carte de la rivière des Pascagoula où l'on voit la situation des isles, lacs et terrains des habitans, 1732

Carte historique de 1755

Category:French Americans (Wikipedia)

Coureur des bois (Wikipedia)

Coureur des bois (Wikipédia)

"The Eldorado to the South": French-Canadians in the U.S.

Les Explorateurs de la Nouvelle France
European Explorers in the Mississippi Valley

Experiences of the French Huguenots in America - The King's Refugees

La Déportation des Acadiens

The Foreign Born from Canada in the United States
France en Amérique
France in America

France in the New World 1524-1778


Franco-American Alliance of  1778-1800
Franco-American Centre

Franco American Club (Westford, Mass)

Franco-American Collection (Lewiston, Maine)
The Franco-American Connection
The Franco-American Connection (
The Franco-American Connection Blog
Franco-American Diplomacy (1778 - 1843) - Avalon Project

Franco-American Film-Makers
Franco-American Heritage Center (Lewiston, Maine)

Franco-American History
Franco-American Life and Culture:  A Selected Bibliography [HS]
Franco-American Terms
Franco-American views

Franco-American Women's Institute

Franco-American Writers-Composers
Franco-Americans  (Canadian Encyclopedia)
Les Franco-Americains de la Nouvelle-Angleterre, 1776--1930
Franco-Americans of New England - Dreams and Realities
Franco-Americans We Remember
La Francophonie aux Etats-Unis: Entre mythes et réalités
The French-American Centre in New Hampshire

French-American Cultural Exchange

French-American Foundation (New York)

French-American Foundation (Paris)

French-Americans in the Civil War

French Louisiana (1682-1803)


French Canadian Genealogy Research
French Canadian Emigration to the United States, 1840-1930
French Canadian Voyageurs
French-Canadians in New-England (New York Times, 1892)

French Canadians in the 1842 Oregon Census

French Canadians in the United States frncdns/docs/kalijarv.pdf
The French-Chickasaw War of 1736

French colonization of the Americas (Wikipedia)

French Exploration of America

French Explorers and Settlers Around the Mississippi
French Forts in America
French Heritage DNA Project

French Heritage Society
The French in America (
French in the United States (Wikipedia)
French in the United States

The Fur Trade and Historical Archaeology: A Bibliography

Le "Grand Dérangement"

Haitian immigration (Wikipedia)
Histoire de la Louisiane française

Histoire des Acadiens
Historic Diaries of Marquette and Joliet

History of Louisisana by Le Page du Pratz (Project Gutenberg)

How Dixieland got its name and other French influence facts in the United States

The Huguenot Society of America

The Huguenot Society of the Founders of Manakin In the Colony of Virginia

Immigrants and War: French Canadians in the Civil War Era

Jacques Ferland, "Canadiens, Acadiens, and Canada: Knowledge and Ethnicity in Labour History"

Bénard de La Harpe, Journal du voyage de la Louisiane fait par e sr Bernard de la Harpe...

List of French Americans (
List of 18th Century/French-Indian Groups and Forts
La Louisiane Française (1682-1803)

Maine Franco-American Genealogical Society

Maine's FRENCH Communities - le fait FRANÇAIS au Maine

Mapping the French Empire in North America

Maps of New England (historic, many French)
Memoir of a French Visitor (du Pratz, History of Lousiana)


Métis in the USA

The Migration and Settlement of Franco-Americans in New England: “Survivance” of the Crash

The National Huguenot Society
North American French, by John P. DuLong
La Nouvelle France
Nouvelle France (Wikipédia)
La Nouvelle-France en Amérique du Nord (carte)

ORIGINS/ORIGINES - Index of the cities, towns, villages and hamlets of our European ancestors of New France
The Other Métis
Paul Mercusot auteur "country"

People, Races, Ethnicity in the U.S. French Americans Part 1
People, Races, Ethnicity in the U.S. French Americans Part 2
The Progress of French Discovery in North America

Quebec diaspora (Wikipedia)

I. Rochambeau and the French in America From Unpublished Documents Introductory
La Revue d'histoire de l'Amérique française (full text)

Site "Rivard" - Cartes de le Nouvelle France

Some thoughts on Migration
Studies in Franco-America (University of Southern Maine)

Tocqueville and Beaumont's Itinerary
Treaties of 1778  Between the United States and France (Avalon Project)


The University of Maine: Department of Franco American Studies

US  Communities with Population of French-Canadian Ancestry over 10%

When French Settlers Were the Victims of Ethnic Cleansing in North America

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