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Medieval source-based textual scholarship is arguably blessed by the internet. Scholars can exchange paleographic, codicological and other philological information on listservs like MEDTEXTL. They can work in teams, examining text and digitized color photographs shared as e-mail attachments, or as file transfers, in JPEG, GIF and other image formats on web pages, debating the significance of a serrif, a minim, or evidence of a trimmed manuscript page. They can exchange MIDI, MP3 and other audio files for editions interpreting manuscripts of musical scores. The distance separating team members is little relevant and they are as mobile as their digital communication devices.

In addition, textual scholars can produce critical editions on the web which would not be given due consideration by traditional paper publishers, not because of quality or of methodological soundness, but simply because of the money involved in producing critical editions that are fully appropriate for a variety of readers, and which take advantage of the enormous amount of relevant information available in our time. These editions will certainly enhance the reader's ability to judge the validity of an editor's choice of manuscripts or readings.

To promote the increasingly possible concept of shared knowledge in medieval books extending beyond the walls of remote and wealthy collections, The Andy Holt Virtual Library offers a section devoted to the sources of medieval texts: the codex, which had begun to gain wide-spread use in the era of the Codex Sinaiticus (4th century), and which made its recognized print debut in Gutenberg's Biblia vulgata (15th century). We cover manuscripts with historical, descriptive, scientific, artistic and philological information, allowing readers to deal intelligently with them, and we offer links to periodicals and blogs that will keep readers informed of the latest developments. The second page links readers to over 130 catalogs, inventories and lists of medieval manuscripts, while the third page connects readers to digital facsimiles. The Andy Holt Virtual Library completes its medieval source-based textual scholarship study with a similarly structured sub-section on incunabula.


    Bookbinding (Materials and Techniques of Manuscript Production)
    Medieval Bookbinding
    Medieval Seals
    Medieval Manuscript Bindings
    Sceaux et usges de sceaux - Images de la Champagne médiévale


    Blogs about: Medieval Manuscripts
    P E C I A - Le manuscrit médiéval ~ The medieval manuscript


    Abbreviationes Ð Medieval Abbreviations Made Easy
    Bibliographie de codicologie
    Codicology and Latin Paleography (course at Western Michigan University)
    Handschriftenkunde - Codicologie
    Historical Auxiliary Sciences - Codicology (Virtual Library)
    Historische Hilfswissenschaften - Kodikologie (Virtual Library)
    Manuscripts, Paleography, Codicology - Royal Library of Belgium
    Paleography and Codicology Links
    Vocabulaire Codicologique - Répertoire méthodique des termes français relatifs aux manuscrits
    WZMA - Wasserzeichen des Mittelalters


    Bibliographie zur Diplomatik
    Bibliographie zur Editionswissenschaft
    Diplomatique (Ménestrel)
    The Encyclopedia of New Testament Textual Criticism
    Karl Lachmann
    Lectio difficilior potior
    Medieval Ink
    Edward Moore, Contributions to the textual criticism of the Divina commedia
    Non-Biblical Textual Criticism
    PAPER [look for " Paper (chain-lines and watermarks, etc.)"]
    Stemma codicum
    The Stemma Codicum
    Textual Criticism (Wapedia)
    TEI: Text Encoding Initiative
    Using lattices for reconstructing stemma
    WEMSK17:Textual Criticism


    Archimedes Palimpsest Project
    Art Patronage and Function of Medieval Manuscripts
    Carolingian Writing Centers
    Category:Medieval European scribes (Wikipedia)
    Livrets de stage d'initiation au manuscrit médiéval (AIDILIS IRHT)
    The Evolution of the Medieval Book from Manuscript to Print
    In The Margins of The Past - Manuscripts as Historical Document
    Medieval Manuscript Marginalia and Proverbs
    How Old Is That Book? DNA May Hold the Answer (Scientific American)
    Intute Manuscript studies
    Manuscript Studies - Medieval and Early Modern
    Manuscripts, Incunabula and Early Prints
    Medieval Manuscripts (Digital Medievalist, multidisciplinary)
    "Medieval Manuscripts" in Resources for the Rare Materials Cataloger (ALA)
    Medieval Manuscript Manual
    Medium: gestion des reproductions de manuscrits - Institut de recherche et d'histoire des textes
    Répertoire des musées du livre en Europe
    telma. traitement électronique des manuscrits et des archives
    The Women Copyists Database


    Illuminated manuscript
    Manuscript Illumination in Northern Europe
    Manuscripts Images & History of Writing
    Pen and Parchment: Drawing in the Middle Ages


    The Medieval Bestiary - Animals in the Middle Ages
    The Bible
    Book of Days
    A Hypertext Book of Hours (model for understanding)
    The Breviary
    Initiation aux manuscrits liturgiques
    Chansonnier (Wapedia)
    Medieval Herbals
    Initiation aux manuscrits liturgiques


    "Abbreviations, Latin" search in Internet Archive
    Abréviations (Ménestrel)
    APICES - Association paléographique internationale: Culture, écriture, société
    Bibliographie de paléographie
    Bibliographie de peléographie (Sorbonne)
    Byzantine Paleography
    A. Cappelli. Dizionario di abbreviature latini ed italiani (1912)
    Comité international de paléographie latine
    Cours de paléographie - Archive du cours d'Arisitum
    Glossary of Terms Used in Paleography
    Lateinische Abkürzungen (Archivalia)
    Latin Palaeography and Manuscript Studies
    medieval calligraphy
    Medieval Paleography
    Medieval Writing - History, Heritage and Data Source
    Paléographie et manuscrits (Ménestrel)
    Paléographie médiévale
    Palaeography and Image-Processing: Some Solutions and Problems
    Peter A. Stokes, Palaeography Training: Medieval Manuscripts
    Franz Steffens, Paléographie latine
    Statistical Analysis of Digital Paleographic Data: What Can It Tell Us?
    Visual Paleography


    AEdilis: publications en ligne de l'OIRHT
    Annales du CIPL
    Bulletin of the American Society of Papyrologists
    Center for the Study of Ancient Documents Newsletter
    Codices Manuscripti: Zeitschrift für Handschriftkunde
    Computers & Texts
    Digital Medievalist: Journal (many manuscript-related articles)
    Histoire et civlisation du livre, revue internationale
    Gazette du livre médiéval
    Journal of the Early Book Society for the study of Manuscripts and Printing History
    Journal of the Society of Archivists
    Manuscripta: A Journal for Manuscript Research
    Manuscripta Orientalia
    Nouvelles du livre ancien (IRHT)
    Papers of th Bibliogrphical Society of America
    Revue d'Histoire des Textes
    La Revue le manuscrit
    Scrineum Rivista
    SCRIPTA An International Journal of Codicology and Palaeography
    Scriptorium -bulletin codicologique (revue internationale des études relatives aux manuscrits)
    Scritturta e civeltà
    Studies in Bibliography - The Bibliographical Society of the University of Virginia
    TC: A Journal of Biblical Textual Criticism
    Zeitschrift für Papyrologie und Epigraphik

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