ARTICLEGATE - Bibliographic Databases  

ARTICLEGATE - Whereas Globeportal opens doors to a comprehensive bibliographic universe of whole documents and artifacts, "ARTICLEGATE", takes a more limited and modest aim to retrieve bibliographic data describing journal articles, book chapters, reviews and other component studies. It is intended to supplement the Paul Meek Library's bank of subscription electronic databases and full-text resources. Unlike these, the following 75 databases do not require a subscription. Most are small and specialized. A handfull offer limited full-text resources. Some will take individual subscriptions for retrieval of additional information, or will sell full text, but all give at least basic bibliographic detail free of charge. Obtaining information from these may be more challenging than information retrieval from subscription databases; retrieval mechanisms are varied, and some require a working knowledge of languages other than English. Therefore, we suggest that UT Martin on campus and remote users try the subscription databases first.

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