KIDstack (DOCU-STACK 5)  

This page targets Collections of Children's Literature. Collections are divided into "English", "French" and "Spanish" sections. Parents and educators who are curious about news and issues in Children's Literature may wish to consult The Children's Book Council or's Books for Kids. Since it is expensive and time consuming to produce, host and keep track of digital documents, some of these sites will disappear, though I have tried to pick among those which appear to be stable. However, I am constantly looking for new collections. Since our shelving system will be evolving toward something less primitive and more intuitively researchable, I will occasionally break a multi-topic site into its logical components. You will note that in the DOCU-STACKS, our links are set to display URLs. Here is our entire stack list, linking library patrons to nearly a million and a half online documents.

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