Manuscripts of Medieval France with Vernacular Texts


"Manuscripts of Medieval France with Vernacular Texts", is a collection of over 1200 links to manuscript facsimiles, and with these, nearly all of the French medieval literary canon.  This in admittedly small in comparison with the total number of medieval manuscripts available on line. The project's truly medieval texts will show that France was linguisticly diverse enough to call into question some of the myths we have entertained about early French expression.  Patrons will have an honest view of the literary anthology and illustration contexts of a number of the best known medieval vernacular works. In pages produced by the hosting Andy Holt Virtual Library, links to manuscript facsimiles are contextually clustered (by author, genre, theme, etc.) with others leading to incunabula facsimiles, online bibliographies, editions, transcriptions, translations and other tools relevant to serious textual study.  Three excellent annotated image databases  maintained by the French Government allow us to examine illustrations in fully and partially digitized French medieval manuscripts:

      ENLUMINURES, base de données d'enluminures et éléments de décor du CNRS

      Liber Floridus - enluminures des manuscrits médiévaux ... bibliothèques de l'enseignement supérieur 

      Mandragore, base des manuscrits enluminés de la BnF

Though photographic quality varies, the collection should facilitate a limited amount of paleographic and codicological study through the resource links of "Web for Medieval Source-based Textual Scholarship". 

While the manuscript facsimiles are housed in a number of excellent libraries on several continents, we are particularly thankful for the abundant collection of Gallica (BNF digital collection), for the majority of our links, and for the cooperation and good will of their staff. There are online catalogs available for manuscript collections in France

Please understand that this is a work in progress, whose aim is to change the way we can study medieval France.

Andy Holt Virtual Library Source Pages

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French Vernacular Collections of Saints' Lives

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   Textual Sources of Alain Chartier

Textual Sources for Arts of War and Chivalry

   Textual Sources of French Vernacular Grail Stories

Textual Sources of French Vernacular Medical Literature

   Textual Sources of Gallo-Romance Vernacular Bibles

   Textual Sources of the Grandes Chroniques de France

   Textual Sources of Jehan Froissart 

    Textual Sources of the Chanson de Geste

Textual Sources for Smaller Vernacular Poems

    Textual Sources for Vernacular Theater in Medieval France

   Textual Sources of Vernacular French Tristan Stories    

Other Source Pages and Web Sites

    Machaut Resources - Manuscripts Online (Stanford University)    

    Roman de la Rose Digital Library     

    Manuscript and Print Sources of the Text of François Villon's Works    

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