Martin, Tennessee: WCAHC, 2007.

Works that flow from the heart of the heartland

Literary, graphic and photographic art works by David Sheridan, Bill Brown, Elizabeth Rachels, Brenda Miller, Lydia Hamblen, Bob Peckham, Roy Neil Graves, Nelda Rachels, Marty Kennmore, Joyce Billingsby, Laurie Bethel, Mary Carol, Anne Looney Cook, Anna Clark, Barbara Jones, Mary McConnell, Brenda Evans, Tiffany Emerson, Hyla Richardson, Hannah Rachels, Teresa Rchels, Beth Walker, Bill Ahlschwede, Lisa Smartt, Stephen Outten, Oliver Welden; cover design by Sara Reid and Stephanie Sturgis.

The purpose of the Weakley County Arts and Humanities Council since its founding in 1999 has been to contribute to the cultural life of persons residing in Weakley County. WCAHC has initiated numerous community and educational programs focusing on the visual, literary and performing arts. Two of these programs, Literary Readings at the Soybean Festival and Creative Arts Day with poet Bill Brown, resulted in original writings generated by members of our community. These writings have been compiled and now form the basis for the first Obion River Anthology.

Funds from the sale of this volume are for the promotion of arts in Weakley County, especially among school children.

The contact person for the volume is

Nelda Rachels
Weakley County Arts and Humanities Council
100 Main Street
Martin, TN  38237