The Andy Holt Virtual Library is principally a concept library, with a focus on the Humanities and Fine Arts. Though open to the public, it is designed to serve the learning communities within the College of Humanities and Fine Arts at the University of Tennessee-Martin. It was created in full awareness that virtual resources are never a substitute for those physically present in a brick and mortar establishment, with knowledgeable and willing librarians in a number of specialized sub-disciplines. Indeed, a physical library can contain and access a virtual library, but the opposite is not true. Appropriately, we are linked in key places to parallel physical and virtual resources provided by the Paul Meek Library on the UT Martin campus. All of these, save subscription services, are open to remote users. Excellent subscription electronic databases and full-text resources are open to those with UT Martin accounts or special permission. The integration has been made so as to allow the Andy Holt Virtual Library to stand as in independent resource. We hope that combined use of these resources will accelerate the research phase of Humanities and Fine Arts scholarship undertaken by our busy faculty, whose primary mission is teaching; the same for our students, many of whom maintain a delicate balance between paying jobs and their studies.



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