Prime Curios! The Dictionary of Prime Number Trivia

Errors and Additions

The Five Platonic Solids

Some Errors are Unavoidable

No, there are still just these five platonic solids, but often our text often has statements that begin "the largest known" or "the least known." As time goes on, the largest known tend to grow, and the least may get smaller.

Other errors just crept in, and here we want to be able to correct both types. If you find an error that we do not list here, please let us know.

The smallest seven-digit palindromic prime of the form "prime0emirp." Note that all the digits are squares. [The words "seven-digit" was missing.]

Note: For current records for key named primes see: The Top 20. For the database of 5000 largest known primes see The Largest Known Primes.
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