Prime Curios! The Dictionary of Prime Number Trivia

What is in the book?

unistable polyhedron

Prime Trivia

The heart of our book is the 200+ page dictionary of about 2200 curios about over 1000 different primes.  These curios are recorded in dictionary style---as brief entries, with over 150 tables and figures.  Just use the page heading to find your prime, and learn something new!

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Besides an introduction and a forward, we include a chapter on the $100,000 prime and a prime Moore's law.  We include a glossary of key terms and lists of small primes.


Many of the curios are adapted from our database, and these have the contributors name in square brackets, e.g., [Gauss].  We have collected an index of these contributors in the back, as well as a second index of terms.

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