Prime Curios! The Dictionary of Prime Number Trivia

Why buy the book?

The Prime Curios! database is on-line, so why buy this book?

Books are a joy!  For the price of a modest meal (perhaps prime rib), a person can travel into the future, marvel at a particularly "odd" number, or see the results of a calculation in which a man spent 19 years of his life working on!  Below we list seven reasons for buying this particular book.

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Seven reasons to buy the book:

  • You can take it with you anywhere
  • Immortalization; one (or more) of your submissions may be included
  • The book is packed with a mix of fun and serious items for all ages
  • Only the best curios are in the book
  • All entries are prime
  • Most of the work is carefully edited and expanded
  • A special section on The $100,000 Prime.
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