RUBRIC for Grading the Final Report
Major Modeling Project 
Mathematics 451 

Final reports will automatically be lowered at least one letter grade unless they are correctly typed with title page, table of contents, footnotes or endnotes, bibliography, and submitted in duplicate (see additional requirements on the project order page).  There must be a minimum of ten references from six sources, (at most two from the Internet).  Use MLA or a similar standardized style.  Note that I expect all of the data collected to be submitted, most likely in an appendix.

Once accepted, the project's final report will be graded holistically using the following rubric.  A report, which earns the grade on the left, will be characteristics on the right.  The report may not have all of the listed characteristics, but will fit best in that category.


MATHEMATICS: Use of a new model showing creativity and originality.  Mathematics enlightening, appropriate and concise.  Display of techniques or concepts not introduced in the course.
EFFORT: Clever or difficult data collection, continuous initiative.  Data collection began early in the semester.
MECHANICS: No errors in grammar, spelling, margins, and footnotes.  Mathematics properly presented, italicized and aligned.  Clear development and focus from beginning to end.  All assertions explained or illustrated.


MATHEMATICS: Use of a original model, or a creatively fit model.  Mathematics correct, appropriate and well organized.  Extension of techniques or concepts used in the course.
EFFORT:  Interesting data collection, steady effort, and initiative.
MECHANICS:  Very few errors in grammar, spelling, footnotes...    Most of the mathematics properly presented, italicized and aligned.  Focus and development apparent.  Most assertions explained or illustrated.


MATHEMATICS:  Well-selected model, adequately fit.  Mathematics present and correct, but unenlightening.  Illustrates the use of course techniques and concepts.
EFFORT:  Trivial data collection, average effort and initiative.   All data collected near the end of the semester.
MECHANICS:  Few errors in grammar, spelling, margins, footnotes...    Mathematics usually properly presented, italicized and aligned--but font sizes vary.  Focus present but development is poor.  Assertions sometimes explained or illustrated.


MATHEMATICS:  Simple application or adaptation of a existing model.  Mathematics simplistic, inappropriate or poorly thought-out.  Includes course techniques and concepts. 
EFFORT:  Data taken from a text, topic assigned by teacher... 
MECHANICS:  Distracting grammar and spelling.  Sloppy footnotes...    Mathematics not properly presented, italicized or aligned.  Font sizes vary distractingly.  Difficult to follow.  Assertions often unexplained and not illustrated.


MATHEMATICS:  Model missing, poorly defined or copied from a book / UMAP module. Mathematics missing, naive, incorrect or undecipherable.  Parrots course terms and techniques.
EFFORT:  Data taken from a text, report written at the last minute... Much of the report is history or story telling; not mathematics.
MECHANICS:  Distracting errors in grammar, spelling, margins,... Mathematics hard to read and not aligned, italicized...  Difficult to follow. Assertions are rarely explained or illustrated.